Thursday, December 13, 2012

Game day

This past Sunday was a pretty important day for our team at least that's what hubby and my brothers said. We invited a few friends over for a little game day get together. The boys got decked out in their team's outfit and we all watched the game. Luckily for us our team won after almost giving us a heart attack. Go skins. It was a great Sunday game day. I am lucky that my brothers and mom always come over on Sundays and we all hang out all day.

My BFF HJ came over for the festivities. We asked her to be Jbird's Godmother and she said yes. We are so happy, Jbird is one lucky kid
The girls with Jbird, even Jbird was decked out in our team's gear
We were trying to take a pic and Tman jumped in, he's adorable so we let him :)
We did get a pic of just us, ever since I discovered leggins, I now live in them :)
My brothers and my boys showing their team spirit
I love this picture of Jbird with my brothers
My mom hanging out with Jbird, that kid gets around
Tummy time fun, Tman wanted to show Jbird how his bus worked, look how comfortable Jbird looks on his tummy. He is finally starting to like tummy time, it's a miracle
And of course a picture with my main squeeze also wearing our team's colors
Sunday game day was a great success made even better by the fact that our team won. We are looking forward to next Sunday's game, we need to keep our winning record. We didn't leave the house at all yet we had loads of fun. What is your Sunday routine? Do you watch any football?


  1. Nice! I didn't watch the battle of the beltway cause I am a New England Patriots fan :-).

    1. Sure that's why you didn't watch J ;)

  2. I Love reading about your life! Great post! your family seems wonderful! Sundays are usually my relaxing work allowed! but I've just gotten home from uni so all my routine have been shaken up....My Sundays will most likely be beach days!

    Much Love
    Chari T (deep fried stilettos)xoxo

    1. Thanks Chari, beach days, so jealous of that. I can use some sun right now

  3. On Sundays, I weigh in at Weight Watchers, have breakfast. Then I come home and wash clothes, clean, and around 4 pm sit down and catch up on football....Go Patriots!

    1. YAY Patriots :). Love your easy Sunday routine