Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Travel - T-man's first trip to London

Two years ago we were in England hanging out with hubby's family. T-man went to England for the first time at just 4 months old. He got to meet a lot of his English family members. It was his first international trip too. My brother was studying abroad in London that semester so we also got to see him while we were there.

Without further ado, the pics of the trip.

At the airport waiting for our flight. We took loads of pictures with the Christmas decoration

When we got to England we visited with some of hubby's family and friends. We also hung out at home and had people come visit us.There was a lot of TV watching and card playing.

I just love this picture of T-man with his Grandpa watching TV
Oh and I love this pic of T-man sleeping in hubby's bed, how adorable is this
T-man with my brother. My brother came to see us every night during our visit
T-man with hubby's sister and my brother
T-man with my cousins and my brother, I just love this family picture
Me and one of my brown eyed boys
My cousin and her friend with Tman
T-man with hubby's grandparents
T-man with hubby's family

T-man with hubby's cousins
We had to take a picture at hubby's metro stop of course
Of course we had to take a few pictures here :)

London eye with hubby's friends
And just because :)
Tman with hubby's dad and aunt
How cute are Tman and his aunt taking a nap together
Tman and his great granddad
I just love this picture of the 3 generations
T-man's got to meet a lot of his family members on his first trip to England. We are looking forward to taking Jbird to England next May. I am so looking forward to taking both boys to England to meet hubby's extended family.


  1. Very nice! Our little JOE will be making her first international trip next summer and it'll be to London. I am excited to go with her & hubby. I have been a few times but hubby hasn't so it'll be a whole new experience for both of them.

    1. How exciting that you are taking JOE to London next Summer. We are going in May, I wish we were going around the same time we could both be hanging out in London with our kids.

  2. what an adorable post! hmm, how has he already traveled to London and i haven't, boo to me ;)

    his little face, i just want to squeeze it and kiss it!

    1. Hehehehehe, he is a little world traveler already and we love it.

  3. Too cute...traveling with a baby wasn't as stressful as I thought. That must have been wonderful for Tman to meet all his family members!!