Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We went bowling

This past weekend was supposed to be a chill weekend until hubby's friends asked us to go bowling with them on Saturday. We couldn't resist because we love bowling well hubby does because he is good at it. We also thought it would be great to actually leave the house and hang out with some adults :).

In order for hubby to actually bowl, we had to make sure that Tman was sleeping, I can really only handle one kid at a time. We decided to wear him out in the morning so that he could fall asleep in the car on the way to the bowling alley. Our plan worked out perfectly, by the time we got to the bowling alley he was sleeping like a rock. Luckily for us our Tman can sleep anywhere.

Jbird was awake the whole time so we hung out and watched hubby play
2 hours of uninterrupted bowling fun, gotta love a toddler that can nap anywhere
Tman woke up right after hubby played his last game, perfect timing if you ask me
We got to take our usual family picture
When we got home my little sidekick and I modeled our outfits, we were feeling stylish plus I figured this outfit was way more exciting than work clothes and would be perfect for Faith's #yeahiamwearingthis. The boots are from Macys, the leggings from Old Navy, the shirt and tank top from New York and Co. I am loving the legging and boots look, totally stole it from Faith :).
After we got home from bowling and food shopping we just chilled and relaxed. We played with the kids, had dinner then sat down and watched some of our tv series saved on the DVR. While I was sitting on the couch my little Jbird started giggling away like it was going out of style. I was able to capture this awesome smile of my little Jbird with a little drool on the side. I so love this kid and those cheeks.
My view from the couch of my boys hanging out. Jbird's confused look, Tman's awesome smile, and hubby doing the bunny ears in the background from his favorite seat in the house. Perfect.
Our Christmas tree, lighting up the room. I just love this time of the year
We had a great time bowling and chilling on this beautiful Saturday of December. This day was a perfect mix of busy and relax, my kind of weekend day. Hope you had fun this past weekend.


  1. Awww, giggles galore...super cute. I love the boots and legging combo too. Too hot for that here now (one minute I'm dreading winter, the next I miss it...tsk tsk).

  2. Very cool. I suck at bowling except for when I play the Wii :-).

  3. By tbe way, you look great! Love the outfit!

  4. yay for bowling. i love it but i completely suck at it.

    that is so awesome that T-Man can sleep anywhere, lol. too funny!

    i LOVE your outfit. i love that the boot and legging look is stylish yet so comfortable! thanks for sharing your outfit again since we all know that i'm a bit obsessed with that!

    and can i just come over and kiss J-bird's cheeks? i'm obsessed!

  5. Glad you guys got to get out of the house. Beautiful pics.

  6. I haven't been bowling in a long time...looks like so much fun! Love the boots!

  7. I haven't been bowlingvin years! I'm glad your little ones were cooperative!

  8. Bowling was loads of fun you guys. We need to do that more often.