Saturday, December 1, 2012

Travel - Prague, the bar crawl

When we lived in Germany, we used any excuse to go on a trip. Oh it's a three day weekend, let's do it. Anytime our friends were anywhere in Europe, if they gave us any sort of heads up we would always meet up with them in whatever city just to hang out. That's what happened on one of our trips to Prague. Our friend was going to be in Prague with her girlfriends and we decided to join them. After all, it was only a 4-hour drive away and they wanted to go on a bar crawl while they were there. We were sold and to Prague we went. It was a great trip, best of all we were trashed the whole time and loved it.

Me and my friend at the Atomic clock downtown, we had to do all the monuments before drinking
With her girlfriends being such tourists
And of course with my hubby
We also had loads of fun being silly as you do in Prague

Then we went back to the John Lennon wall where hubby made his typical funny faces
and we took my favorite picture of the trip, excuse us we were newlyweds
After spending the day checking out the monuments we spent the night partying
Oh yeah, there was some dancing to some awesome 80s music

We were totally trashed by this point

This was show your ring finger if you are taken
Did I tell you we were newlyweds
and totally silly, singing to some 80s tune
There was a lot of pointing going on that night
Well hello self portrait, my favorite type of pictures
We ended up in a night club somewhere downtown
My hubby did in fact dance that night
Clearly he was intoxicated :)
And we were just so happy after a crazy night out in town
We were so hungover the next day that we didn't do much and just lounged around the hotel. It was a pretty awesome weekend. We were on a group tour for the pub crawl and somehow we lost the group by the end. We had so much fun on our own that it didn't matter anyway. Pub crawling in Prague was a great success. I am so glad that we did all these fun things before we had kids.


  1. So cool. You guys look like you were having a blast. Do you miss the traveling? I am starting to miss it already :-).

    1. We had a blast on that trip. I do miss traveling. I am looking forward to all the travel memories we'll make with the kids tho.

  2. What a jam! Plan on doing tonnes of parying before popping babies. What a fun post!

    1. You should, it would be fun to look back once you have kids. As a bonus it's awesome one on one time with your man before the kids get in the mix.

  3. I love this post!! Looks like the absolute best time!! You have traveled to the best places!!

    1. We definitely have been to some awesome places. I so want to go back to some of them with the kids