Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Weekend fun - Christmas party

I am heartbroken for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. What a tragedy. My heart goes out to their families. I can't even begin to imagine what they are going through right now. I pray that God provides for them in this very difficult time.I definitely held my kids longer this weekend in the wake of this tragedy. No one should ever have to bury their kids ever. I am keeping those families in my prayers.

This weekend was our Christmas party. This year we decided to have it at someone's house and include all the kids. I am really glad they chose that option because we didn't want to leave the kids behind. I put my kids in their matching sweaters (I definitely got my money's worth I tell you) and we headed to the party.

I always try to take a family picture before we do anything in case the kids get their clothes dirty or something like that and they have to change. We are all looking at the camera and smiling (well kinda), great success
They had a train set and you know how Tman is obsessed with trains. He watched it go around the tree for over an hour
Then he learned how to push the buttons to make the noise and move the train. He was definitely entertained all evening
I spent the majority of the evening hanging out with my Jbird and mingling too of course
I tried taking a picture of hubby with the kids by the tree and Tman pretended to be shy. Please child, I know how you roll, just smile for the camera :).

And before we left we got another family picture and I am loving Tman's perfect smile
We enjoyed the Christmas party. I loved that it was kid friendly and hosted at a house which made it more relaxed and easy to keep the kids entertained.

On Sunday my brothers came over and we watched the game, it was great fun
Look who is using Sophie the giraffe now.
Our team won again this weekend which made us very happy. Playoffs anyone? I am looking forward to next Sunday's game. We'll have a full house, hubby's parents arrive tomorrow to spend Christmas with us. It was another fun weekend for us, I hope you had a great weekend.


  1. Fun fun. I love those boots you have on!

  2. Tman is so adorable... he watched the train for an hour? I would have a train set going around my whole house just to keep him busy. And j-bird's chunky self makes my heart belt. Seems like you had a great weekend! You deserve it.


  3. looks like such a great time! i adore T-Man's smile, what a cutie! and i love how such simple things can make a little one so busy, hehe.

  4. So adorable. Princess has Sophie too! I think it's also a collectors item from what I hear. It looks like you guys had fun. Many blessings to you and your family!:)

  5. Awwww Tman is looking like a little man! Jbird has grown so much...I'm loving his little cheeks and rolls! Your boys are darling. God bless your family!! :)

  6. You guys are ALL so cute! Is it bad that I don't want your redskins to make the playoff because that would mean my giants don't make it??? :)

  7. Thanks you guys, We really appreciate all the well wishes. We had a ball this weekend.

    @Nellie - You have to root for your team of course :)