Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend fun - Medieval times

We had such a great time celebrating my birthday this past weekend. I wanted to go to Medieval times for dinner and a show. It's a restaurant set in an old castle where you enjoy a dinner (with no silverware) while watching a jousting tournament. It's pretty epic and novel so I love going every few years. 

On Friday night while getting the boys ready for bed, we had fun playing Jbird's room and the camera came out. I put Jbird in the  crib to get Tman ready and Tman asked to go in the crib with Jbird. Jbird loves to stand so I put him up to take a picture of him and his brother. Then of course Tman started hamming it up for the camera. Jbird was loving having his brother in his crib

Tman wa so happy to be in the crib with his brother and Jbird was just happy that someone wanted to be in the crib with him :)

 How happy is Jbird here, this kid loves to hang out with his brother I tell you

 Oh no Jbird, don't let go
My hubby had to get Tman out of the crib to get him ready for bed
 So I took this opportunity to take a bunch of pics of my Jbird
 Well hello handsome
 I am done with this photoshoot mom, stop taking pics of me :)
Anyway, back to the event of the weekend. We went to Medieval Times on Saturday with my mom, my brothers, my brother's girlfriend and grandma to celebrate. We had such a great time

Isn't my hubby wearing Jbird just the cutest thing? I definitely think so
 All of us before dinner
 I hung out with Tman
 while my hubby hung out with Jbird
My grandma was completely shocked that they didn't give us any silverware
 The show was so much fun with the jousting and all. It was total medieval times style

How cool is this, I got my own hat with a cool sticker
And of course we did the family pic
We had a great time celebrating my birthday this weekend with my family. We also went to see Thomas on Sunday but that would have to be a different post. Birthday weekend celebration was a great success :). Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. Such a fun birthday weekend! Medieval Times sounds like such a cool place to go.

  2. What a fun way to celebrate with family. Happy birthday!

    1. P.S your boys are soooooo cute! I just love Jbird's cheeks!

  3. Jbird and tman are so cute in the crib. Is that brotherly love something? We are so blessed to be able to witness it. I went to mideval times one my elementary school trip and ill never forget one of the knights gave me a rose and I was ecstatic! Lol

  4. Hope your birthday was the best one yet!
    You two have BEAUTIFUL boys!!

  5. I was looking into going to medieval times for memorial day weekend since there is one in myrtle beach where we are headed! Looks like you guys had a good time. Happy Belated Birthday!

  6. I want to do this too! Sounds so fun! Can't believe they don't give utensils but that makes sense.

    Your boys are soooo cute! Can't get over it. And you looked fabulous! Happy belated Birthday!!

  7. Happy belated lady...i love Medieval times....looks like a bunch of fun...look at those boys...

  8. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! I haven't been to Medieval Times in years! Looks like you guys really enjoyed it. Your boys are TOO cute! They both have those adorable, kissable cheeks!!

  9. Happy Birthday! Looks like a wonderful time! :)

    Love these pics of your boys! They are adorable!!! :)

  10. Happy Belated Birthday!!! I love medieval times. I've only been twice but of course I'm looking forward to taking my son!

  11. I'm going to send you my you can send me invites to your amazing weekends...each and every one! Happy belated birthday!! And seriously... how fun!! Love your family!