Saturday, April 6, 2013

Travel - Strasbourg, France

We used to live less than 45 minutes away from the French border. Anytime we were bored on the weekend or just wanted to break away from the monotony of living in Germany, we took a day trip to a small nearby French town. This was the case of one of our multiple trips to Strasbourg. 

Strasbourg is a beautiful French town not far from Germany. It was a mere hour away from where we lived in Stuttgart. We went there a lot when the weather was nice because we could just walk around, eat at a cafe outside, and enjoy some crepes.

The main attraction here is the impressive cathedral that sits in the middle of the town. I love that the downtown area was an all pedestrian (no cars allowed) area. That meant lots of walking around without worrying about cars passing by.

Us in front of the cathedral
Inside the cathedral
 There is a beautiful atomic clock inside, reminded us a bit of Prague
We decided to climb to the top of the cathedral to check out the view from the top
but before we did that we had lunch so that we were all fueled up before tackling this little feat. We ate outside, as you do in France, and just people watched the whole time. So much fun
Then we came back and took the stairs up to the top of the cathedral. beautiful view

We of course had to take a picture up there with the view. We were so tired and exhausted at this point.
The walk down was easier of course. We walked around the town some more because that's what we loved doing. You don't need to go to the gym if you live in Europe, the walking is intense.
It was great day trip. We took this trip many more times in 3 years and enjoyed every minute of it. Me and my hubby at the end of a beautiful day in Starsbourg
Strasbourg is such a beautiful quaint little French town. Worth the visit if you are in the area but I wouldn't make an extra trip just for it. I love taking these trips down memory lane to the many places we've visited together. I yearn to go back overseas again so that we can do many more of these.


  1. I seriously admire the way the two of you have traveled. Completely makes me want to go everywhere. I wish!

    Love all the pictures!

    I hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Wow! What an adventure. It must have been really nice! Wish I got a chance to do that before baby. Hoping I still can when we are a little more settled.

    1. You will travel again J, we are nomads so we can't sit still :)

  3. I love your travel adventures. I always look forward to reading abt it.

  4. Lucky you to be able to live and travel to so many different wonderful places! Looks wonderful! The last picture of you and hubby is so sweet :)

  5. That last picture is such a wonderful one!
    What a wonderful trip & I want to go there one day!

  6. It was an awesome trips you guys