Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weekend fun - Birthday parties galore

This weekend was so good and fun filled. The boys were invited to 2 birthday parties and we decided to attend both. It made for a busy weekend. We were so beat by the end of Saturday that we spent the entire day Sunday relaxing and it felt good.

The first party was at Chuck E Cheese, Tman's favorite place. It was my niece's 6th birthday party. Here is Tman with the birthday girl. He actually was having a good time though his face doesn't show it
The birthday girl really wanted to hold Jbird but he was not having any of it
Ah there is my happy boy having fun with the crown and all the games

I spent the entire time holding my Jbird and chasing Tman
Everyone with Chuck E. The kids had such a great time
For the next birthday party, I put the boys in matching shirts as I do :). Tman was totally into taking pictures with his brother so I indulged before we left for the party
The party was at a local park, it was actually kind of chilly but somehow the kids had a blast. Tman and hubby chowing down on some food
We did manage to take a family picture on the playground
Me and my friend and our youngest boys, they are 3 weeks apart
The park was near a beautiful lake so we took a walk that Tman really enjoyed

He even got to feed the ducks and was saying "quack quack" all the time
Then Tman went to the slides and tried every one of them. He was so happy every time he went down. It was so much fun to watch

 I love this picture with all the kids running around
 My Jbird got to enjoy the swing for the first time too. I think he liked it, he was smiling away the whole time. I am so happy the weather is warmer, I will take him out more often now

 Tman and his friend had loads of fun playing in the leaves

 It was such a great birthday celebration. I am so glad that we were able to make it out to celebrate with our friends. Tman totally had a ball.

Another great weekend around these parts. I am so excited that next weekend I am going to visit my friend Addie and her 2 kids. So excited, the last time we saw them was almost a year ago, time flies. We are booked every weekend until Labor day, crazy I tell you. Hope you all had a great weekend too.


  1. You guys are the popular family on the block arent you?! Two parties and booked for the next few weekends -- Pegster, honestly, how do you do it? I'm exhausted from living everyday life lol. Your kids are darling per usual. You are the best with matching the boys -- I think it's amazing that you find so many pieces in both sizes.

    I hope you have a great one and have some time to just rest.


  2. Josie - I just died laughing :). We have help which makes things easier. We don't do much during the week and save all our hanging out for the weekend. It sometimes takes me until Wednesday to recuperate from the weekend hangout.

    I get the kids clothes at Target or JCPenney (pretty affordable). Jbird is a big boy so he fits 12-month clothes and even some 18-month.

  3. Girl! You do keep busy! You must have a ton of energy. I wouldn't be able to keep up with you! Good for you though.
    Love the pic of the boys on the stairs. Brotherly love. So cute!!!

  4. The expression on your boys faces are priceless!! How do you manage to take pictures and still chase the two of them? I find the older my son gets the less opportunity I have for pictures.

  5. 2 parties! Your kids are popular. Sounds like you've got some fun yet busy weekends ahead of you!

  6. Abby has the same green and white polka dot blanket! Great minds think alike! Your boys are quite popular on the party circuit it seems. Love their matching shirts. Super cute!

  7. I love their matching shirts!! Great pictures! I hope you have another wonderful weekend!!

  8. Awwwww! Love your pics! Life looks SO good for you! :)

    1. Thanks Rolex, life is pretty good around here

  9. We love being busy particularly when it's the weekend. thanks for your sweet comments on the boys