Friday, April 12, 2013

Carnival fun day

There is a local carnival not too far from our house that is set up every year for a few weeks. Their rides are much smaller than the big amusement parks and therefore more appropriate for toddlers. Every time we drove by the place Tman asked if he could go on the rides. We planned to go last weekend but we were so tired from all the hanging out that we decided to go during the week because this weekend is their last weekend.

I broke my rule of not planning anything during the week but it was all worth it. We got there late in the afternoon and spend a few hours enjoying the rides. Tman was so happy. As soon as we got to the place, I put Jbird in the baby bjorn and we were off for a fun adventure at the carnival. Jbird did not make a peep and Tman loved every ride that he got on and insisted in doing them more than once.

Here we are at the entrance of dreamland ready to take on the rides
We started with the carousel, it was one of Tman's favorite ride at Disney so we figured he would enjoy this. He definitely did and proceeded to scream when we tried to get him off. He got to ride this a few times before agreeing to move on

Tman's "I don't want to leave" face
I watched from the sidelines with my Jbird
Then we moved on to picking ducks out of a pool. Tman kept going "quack quack" and moving them around the pool.  It took him a while to pick one. Luckily for Tman the children always win
He ended up with a blue ball. Love this pic even though it's kinda blurry
This was such a fun game, Tman didn't want to stop. He was throwing a ball at the balloons and popping them. Luckily it wasn't too busy and the nice man let him play for a while
He even won a prize
Then we moved to the helicopter rides, this was fun. It was too small for my hubby to go with him. So Tman had to do it all by himself like a big boy. He loved it so much that he did it a few times.

We just watched him from the sidelines, we are so proud of our big boy
We moved on to another ride. Tman loved this one, he was so excitedand kept turning the wheel

I took a picture of us watching them :)
Again, Tman loved the ride so much he wanted to do it again and again. On the last ride, the operator told me I could join them if I wanted. I was so excited. Jbird and I got on a ride, YAY
We moved on to playing games. My hubby tried his hand at basketball
Tman wanted to do the exact same thing as his dad, it was so funny to watch
We ended things by having some soft serve ice cream
Our family of four after we tackled our fun day at the carnival. Tman did not want to leave this place. Who can blame him with so many fun things to do. Carnival fun day was a great success
I usually don't like doing anything during the week but I am so glad that we got to enjoy this fun day at the carnival. My Tman was so happy and is still talking about the rides today. I will make sure to take him a few times next year.


  1. What an absolutely fun day! Sometimes, rules are meant to be broken. Glad you broke yours to enjoy some time with family.

  2. I love the pics. Tman may not remember the carnival in years to come, but he will remember the good times you all spent together as a family.

  3. Super cute! I'm glad you went and got some good, family QT in. You all are so adorable!!! God bless you!

  4. Sounds like fun! And how great of Jbird to be so chill and allow Tman to enjoy an afternoon at the carnival! BTW: Is this the bjorn original or bjorn active? the bjorn original hurt my back soo much after Ian was bigger than 15lbs -- I don't know how you do it.

  5. Looks like so much fun. Great pictures!!

  6. SO fun! What a great thing to do as a family! Love all the pictures!

  7. hi dear! I just found your blog and I love family! you have a beautiful you have great style! would like to follow each other via gfc and bloglovin? I always return the follow...let me know

  8. What an adorable family! <3 This seriously looks like the perfect day.

  9. Awwww what FUN. This was such a fun post! I got so excited that Tman went on the helicopter ride all by himself, you must have been beaming with pride! Looks like it was such an awesome family day, glad you broke your rule!
    And wow, look at how big JBird is...he's growing so fast!

  10. that looks like so much fun. but you guys are in short sleeves, awww, I want to be there with you all ;)

  11. Aww it really looked like you guys enjoyed yourselves. I love small carnivals as you avoid the crowds and still have fun! Too cute :)

  12. It was such a fun day. So happy I broke my rule. Tman had a blast