Thursday, April 4, 2013

London and Paris here we come

We booked our trip to London and Paris....AHHHHHHHHHHH. So excited. My cousin is getting married this May and we didn't want to miss her wedding so we decided to make a trip out of it and go visit my hubby's family too.

We are spending 8 days in London and 6 days in Paris. We are flying into London, then taking the train to Paris and flying back from Paris. Gosh, I am super excited about taking the kids on the train, taking them on the metro, taking them to see the sights, and of course them meeting more family members. I am counting down the days :). We bought our plane tickets, train tickets, rented a car and booked a hotel in Paris.

I am a bridesmaid in my cousin's wedding and I already have my dress. I just need to get it altered
Hubby is wearing the outfit he wore to another wedding since the colors are so similar. Hubby with my mom at a wedding almost 4 years ago
I got matching outfits for the boys of course, they actually look more purple in person
I am so looking forward to hanging out with my cousin. The last time we hung out with her in Paris was over 4 years ago. We had so much fun checking out the sights, we are such tourists :)
Me and my cousin on the metro, self portrait "hello"
Us with Notre Dame in the background

We are such posers I tell you, clearly runs in my family
I am so looking forward to her wedding celebration. It's going to be such a great wedding. I am also looking forward to spending 2 weeks in Europe visiting family and friends. Let the countdown begin, less than a 4 weeks to go. YAY.


  1. Omg! SO exciting! I'm so jealous!

    Your bridesmaid dress is gorgeous. It's an amazing color on you! I love the boy's outfits too!

    I'm already excited for all the pictures you will take!

  2. That's fantastic, I already can't wait to see the pic's. Now I have London and paris pics to look forward to as well as Jamaica. I love how you guys travel so much, even after growing your family! There is hope yet ;)

  3. London & Paris with your entire family is going to be awesome! Bonus that your bridesmaids dress is beautiful, not tacky at all :) the boys will look adorable in their matching suits, you guys will have the best time!

  4. Well check you out, lookin all HOTTTT! That dress is GORGEOUS on you!!! Eagerly awaiting all the pictures!

  5. So exciting! I am looking forward to reading about the trip. LOVE the dress! You look fab in it!

    We are heading to the Netherlands to visit with my sister. We plan on taking the train to Germany for a couple of days. That coupled with our trips to MA is the extent of our travel this year. Hoping to be able to do more next year.

  6. Wahhhhoooo! That is something so exciting to look forward to! I cannot wait to go back to Europe again!

  7. So exciting!!!! I love the dress and I love the boys matching purple suits. They are going to look so dapper at the wedding!

  8. ahhhhhhh SO jealous! Please share how it is traveling with the kids! I am thinking about taking baby Ian with us to Portugal when he is ten months but I am super nervous. BTW you and your cousin are GORGEOUS! The bottom two pictures? MY GOD! And the dress fits you so nicely. I guess operation milf is working out real well!

    I hope you have a great weekend Pegster!

  9. How exciting!! I am so jelly!!

    You are your cousin are so pretty and I just love that bridesmaid dress, such a pretty color!

  10. Visiting bwo UBP. GREAT photos! Looks like a great time is in the works and in PARIS!? WOW!!!!

  11. Thanks you guys, we are super excited. She did pick some pretty colors.

    Yeah, having kids might slow us down but definitely won't hold us back :)