Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend fun

The weekend couldn't have come soon enough, this was such a long week. We did absolutely nothing on Friday night and it felt great. On Saturday we spent the whole day relaxing. I took Tman to dinner to celebrate a dear friend's birthday while hubby stayed at home with Jbird, divide and conquer is our motto. On Sunday I established a meal plan for the first time in a long time, went food shopping, then chilled at home for the rest of the day. A good friend of mine from College came to visit, we spent the whole afternoon reminiscing about the good old days. Good times. All in all it was a pretty relaxing and fun weekend.

Jbird looking cool as usual, such a great baby
Check out Tman in the same outfit. I am so glad that I saved all of Tman's clothes and now my second boy can enjoy them

And of course every time Jbird does anything Tman wants to do it too, I love these boys

Oh and look who can reach the water dispenser on the fridge now, we are in trouble
 Jbird and hubby hanging out during the Arsenal game
My Tman looking super cute before we left for dinner. I love having boys, I always have a built in date :). Tman was refusing to smile for the camera here, that face I tell you
But of course I was able to convince him to smile, he looks like such a little man
Hanging out with some friends

On Sunday we made pancakes for breakfast, Tman always wants to help so I let him mix. He is such a helpful kid and always gets so excited about working in the kitchen with me.
That smile of his, so ridiculously adorable

My friend came over later and we hung out with Jbird. Tman napped for most of the time. I love that my kid can still nap so well
We had a great weekend, we got some much needed rest after a hectic week. Next weekend is going to be quiet too. I think I officially live for the weekend.

Oh and how did I forget, post partum shedding is here and it's in full effect. Every time I comb my hair I am left with so much hair in my hand it's crazy. It started around 10 weeks post partum. When I washed my hair last week I couldn't believe the amount of hair that was falling left and right. I also started noticing shedding on the sides :(. Here we go again.

Yes, post partum shedding sucks. This is from one wash and is 4 times more hair than what I am used to losing after a wash.


  1. T-Man and J-Bird look so much alike. Hopefully in future u wont have a hard time telling who's who in the baby mom can only tell by what we wore :).

  2. Wow...they both look so much alike in that outfit. So much so I had to scroll back a couple of times!
    What a fun and relaxing weekend.

    Sorry about the post partum shedding. I am scared of it already. Especially since I don't have thick hair to begin with.
    How long did it last for you last time? What did you do/plan on doing to help?

  3. Jbird and daddy matching outfit is just hilarious :D. I used to study at the university near the Arsenal stadium so imagine how loud it can be. I am sorry Chelsea won, I love Chelsea team - blue is always blue.

    Tman reaching the water dispenser, mon dieu (is that how you spell MY GOD in french?), more trips to the loo, lol