Saturday, November 10, 2012

Travel - Hamburg, Germany

We went to Hamburg, Germany to celebrate the New Year in 2008. We lived in Germany at the time and my friend was dating a guy who lived in Hamburg. We met up with them there and spent a few days hanging around the city and having fun at the Christmas market.  We also went to a New Year's eve party and it was great.

Weihnachtsmarkt also known as Christmas market are very popular in Germany. It is basically a street market associated with the celebration of Christmas. It was by far one of my favorite thing about Germany. They are definitely a must see if you are in Germany during the holidays.

My friend and I downtown Hamburg

I use to always take pictures on the metro :)

Hanging out by the port
This picture is us being unhappy, the waiter was totally rude to us.
Luckily for us not everyone was horrible in this city, but look at the demeanor of those people on the metro, they totally seem uncomfortable.
Happy New Year
Hubby was kind of dancing at a party later that day, it's funny because he never dances

This picture always makes me smile, my poor hubby was all embarrassed by my moves :)
Did I tell you how cold it was? We were freezing our behinds I tell you, that's Germany in the winter for you.
Have you heard of the St Pauli girls, this is a popular street in the St Pauli district of Hamburg
We had a great time in Hamburg. I didn't really care much for that city but I enjoyed hanging out with my friend. I would be just fine if I never get to go back there :). You can skip this town when planning your trip to Germany and you won't be missing much.


  1. Lol...looks like such a fun time. I've never been there and thankfully, its not on my list of places to travel to. Based on your review, I guess I'll skip it.

  2. Awesome pictures.

  3. Your pictures are amazing!! I will never get over how much I love that you've traveled so much!!

    And I love that picture too but to me he looks impressed, hehe.

  4. Absolutely loved the xmas markets the last time I was there (mainly for the amazing gluwein :-)). Last time i was there went to the hamburg, lubek, kiel and berlin ones. I must say, i enjoyed my time there though, did alot of sight seeing. Love the pics!