Saturday, November 3, 2012

First day back at work

The first day of work came and went and I am happy to say that we survived. I actually went into work twice already for half a day. This was technically my third day but my first full day. I woke up so early and my poor Jbird didn't want to sleep the night before like he knew something was up.

I actually had to get dressed up. First time in 12 weeks that I wasn't just wearing sweat pants or jeans. I was not a happy camper but I had to put on a happy face
My Tman and his smile, he seems excited for daycare but really I think he just smiles every time someone points a camera in his direction
Jbird got to spend the day at my parents' house hanging out with my brother and his girlfriend. What a lucky kid

When I came to pick him up I couldn't resist taking a picture with my sweet boy
Look who is smiling all the time now, my sweet Jbird smiling back at me
And just because my Tman has the best smile
I took this picture of Jbird when I was giving him a bath and realized that I had a similar picture of Tman, I am clearly a creature of habit. Dude look how much my kiddos look alike with their cheeks, fat rolls and all. Jbird is bigger than Tman at this stage, he is already 15lbs and not even 3 months yet.

The first day was a long day. I didn't get to sit down and relax until almost 8pm. It definitely kicked my ass. I need to work on a routine ASAP.

My day was brightened when I got these pictures from Cece that she took last weekend. It's the little things in life.
My boys routine every Saturday, they put on their Arsenal outfit and watch soccer all morning. Cece caption for this picture was awesome "you can take the Brit across the Pond but you can't take him away from the game," so true. My hubby is obsessed with soccer.
And this picture collage she made of me and Jbird hanging out just melted my heart. This truly is my favorite thing to do right now. I try to enjoy this time as much as possible because I know it will be gone before I know it.
Well, bring it full time work, I am ready for you. Ok not quite ready but it's clear that ready or not it's here to stay and I better get a grip.


  1. Looks like your transition to work is going smoothly.

  2. So glad your first few days at work went well. Seems like JBird had a great time with his uncle! So cute!!!

  3. Glad your transition has been going well so far...the kiddies are too cute especially Tman and his smile in the car too funny that he automatically smiles when the camera is on him!!

  4. i love the that smile, just melts my heart. glad you survived the first week going back to work

  5. Thanks ladies. We are slowly adjusting to this new normal.