Sunday, October 7, 2012

Visitors, baby acne, and tummy time

My friend Melissa came to visit this past week. Since I am on maternity leave, she took a few days off during the week so that we can hang out. She is such a great friend. Tman was so happy, he spent the two days attached to Melissa's hip :). They always have so much fun together.

There is always a lot of cuteness going on with these two
 She also got to spend some time with Jbird, not much because Tman wanted all the attention
She brought Tman crayons you can use in the bath and they used them to write on the tile. They definitely had fun in the bath :)
Once they were both cleaned, I made sure to take some pictures of them looking good

My brother also came to visit during the week, we. watched the debate together. He is passionate about politics and I just like hanging out :). I love the way him and Jbird seem to be looking in the same direction and not at me.
I despise baby acne, my poor Jbird's face is covered in it. You can't see it well in the pic but pretty much every spot on his face is covered. I keep it moisturized and hope that it goes away in the next week or so. Tman had baby acne too and it was gone in 2 weeks.
Look who is holding up his head and not crying during tummy time. Jbird absolutely hates tummy time and always screems bloody murder when I put him down except for this time where he just held his head up. Thank goodness the camera was handy :). My baby is getting so big
And of course my crazy Tman who has to do tummy time with his brother. He always runs for the mat and wants to do the same as Jbird. This kid is so funny
We had another great week. We love having visitors and it always is such a treat to hang out with Melissa or my brothers. Baby acne, I don't love you at all, please go away.


  1. Those chubby baby cheeks melt my heart. Even with the baby acne he is adorable. Hopefully it goes away soon though!

  2. Looks like a fun time with friends.

    I do love Tman's cheesy smile. So cute!!!

    Jbird is still so cute even with baby acne. Its amazing how much he looks just list his older brother. Really cool!

  3. Love love that Tman wants tummy time too...adorable! My little one hates tummy time too hope it gets better for hkm. Yaah for friends and family visiting!

  4. I love Tman enjoying tummy time too. Your boys are too cute :)

  5. those cheeks! (i just want to squeeze them!) I hate baby acne too...I just did normal baby wash...took time to wash the face and dry it really well. Tman is so precious!