Saturday, October 20, 2012

How to entertain your toddler

Now that the weather is not so conducive to water play, I had to find new ways to keep my Tman entertained during the day. I wanted some indoor fun since Jbird was going to join us and thought the weather is somewhat nice there's lots of wind and I always worry about him catching a cold.

Day one - Plan a play date with a friend at a local Chic Fil A with a play area. Those are the best, not only we can get food but we can keep the kids entertained in the process. Score. The kids spent 2 hours playing in the playroom after lunch and definitely had a lot of fun.

Tman's favorite thing to do was to go down the slide a million times. How is that not boring? I don't know, but somehow the kids loved it.

 It's hard to get two toddlers to pose for pictures I tell you
What you have at the end of the play date is one very happy kid, thereby the crazy big smile :)

Day two - Take the kids to a local mall with an indoor playground.
We shopped while Tman slept then went to the mall playground once he woke up for some much needed fun. I wish I took more pictures but since I was wearing the baby and keeping Tman in check, it was hard to also maneuver the camera. Trust me, we had a great time. Jbird slept the whole time and when he was awake he didn't make a sound. He definitely loves being close to his mama.

Tman sleeping like an angel in his stroller, I love that my Tman can sleep anywhere and I love my double stroller

The bathrooms of this mall are awesome I tell you. There's a play area, a tv, and a nursing room in the family ones. This makes for an easy diaper changing experience.
 Even the baby is super excited to be out and about :)

Day three - Take the kids to Chuck E Cheese's
Tman went to a birthday party at CEC about a month ago and ever since then all he talked about was chuck e. I knew I would take him there at some point. I am glad I finally did because it was a great success, my son was so happy I think this might have to be something we do often.

As soon as we got there, Tman jumped on the first car we could find

 My mom was off so she joined in on the fun

 Uh oh, Chuch E is coming, he was squealing in excitement
Tman was one happy kid, giving a hug to Chuck E was the highlight of his day
Well, that was one busy week for sure. These entertainment options definitely worked for us this week. I will definitely do more play dates and indoor playground next week. Tman napped like a champion and slept well at night all week :). We also got to spent more than 4 hours out of the house each day and that's a great success.


  1. The pic with T-man his tippie toes looking out for chuck e is so! Looks like u had tonnes of fun.

  2. So cute!! I love how happy and excited he looked!!

  3. I love how active you keep the kids..and Tman smiling in the first picture is just too cute!

  4. Oh so cool! I plan on going to the same mall after baby arrives. A friend of mine introduced me to it when she had her baby. I agree with you. The restroom is pretty cool!
    Hope you had an awesome weekend!