Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My boys

This maternity leave has been awesome. Spending every minute (ok not quite every minute) with my boys has been awesome. I just love watching them play together, well really Tman playing with his brother. I love having 2 kids, it's hard work, lots of sleepless nights, but oh so rewarding. I used to be a big sleeper, my mom jokes that I was preparing myself for the future lack of sleep. She is funny like that.

My Jbird is getting more exciting everyday. He smiles all the time now. I just love his chubby cheeks and beautiful brown eyes. See that little smile on his face, I melt.

Tman loves to hang out with his brother. Every time I put Jbird down on the floor Tman runs over and wants to hang out with him
Jbird hates being on the floor for any reason and he is definitely the boss in our house. He is so chubby now and I love it. Keep growing my son, healthy and strong.
Chilling on the boppy and of course every time the camera comes out Tman just starts smiling. That's my son :)
How funny is my Tman pouting his lips perfectly to give his brother kisses, I just love that he follows directions so well
This is my new favorite picture of my boys. Tman is the sweetest big brother
Hubby took this picture of me and Jbird ready to go for a walk in our neighborhood. Baby wearing is awesome. I wish I did more of that with Tman
Tman showing Elmo to Jbird on the Ipod touch. He is going to be a great teacher
I just love this picture of my boys in their matching outfit
Me and my boys
Hubby with the boys
And the sweetest little baby face in our house with his chubby cheeks
My boys are growing healthy and strong and I thank God for that. I hope and pray that they become best friends. They make us so happy everyday. We have our hands full with these two boys for sure but our hearts are also full.


  1. I am loving the bond between the boys..soo sweet! And I love that picture of you and Jbird...sooo sweet!

  2. Your boys are so adorable.

  3. Lovely pictures as always. You're about to go back to work just as I am about to begin my maternity leave. I plan on working until her due date unless she arrives before then.
    Did you take the full 12-weeks off?