Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend fun - Getting caught up

The past two weekends were spent chilling at home, we didn't do much but hang out at home and it felt good. We definitely got our batteries recharged just in time to get into the awesome madness of the holiday season :). This is my favorite time of the year and I can't wait to go all crazy. This is also Bean's first Christmas and I can't wait to make him extra special for him

Anyway, back to my hodge podge of weekend fun times. Bean is pulling up everywhere and loving it. We always catch him standing all over the house and giggling. Such a big boy my Bean
Since we are indoor more often now, we started painting. I have to keep the boys occupied somehow and it is way too cold to go outside in my book (except today actually). My boys love to write on everything so they were thrilled that I was allowing them to paint things
Check out Bean roaming around and trying to pull up on the table
My big boys in action
Tman was so proud of his work of art
Check out my boys masterpieces
Jbird loves to paint things and his clothes too
My mom hanging out with Jbird and Bean when she got home
My little niece always comes over on Sunday to hang out with us. There's clearly a trend with my mom carrying 2 babies at once
Gosh, these two cousins are only 5 months apart and already playing well together (for like a minute)
Look who I caught climbing on the dishwasher
This is a trend by the way, all my boys love the dishwasher. Check out Tman, Jbird and Bean hanging out by the dishwasher around a similar age
Painting has become very popular in our house. We did some finger painting with grandma and really enjoyed it. I love that the paint is easy to wipe. The boys can have fun and I am not worried about a mess, win win :).

Bean, our little mover and shaker, is into everything and loving it
This was a scene from nap time the other day, all 3 boys passed out all at once in the family room. My new favorite sleeping picture of all my boys
Hanging out in the playroom with grandma. We moved the patio chairs inside for the Winter and I am loving that we now have seating in the playroom

This past weekend my mom and I attended a 40th birthday party. Hubby watched the boys so that we could go party, it was awesome. I know, my hubby is pretty awesome like that. I forgot my camera and had to settle for grainy Iphone pics. I don't know how people only use their phone as a camera. I am glad we had that though or there would have been no pictures.
Out with my mommy and her friends, so happy that we were able to go out without the kids and hang out like the grown ups that we are :)
Selfie time with my mommy, did we say colgate commercial?
Well, I am all caught up on what we've been up to lately. Bring on Thanksgiving and putting up the Christmas tree. I can't wait. Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. Gosh...I love all the pictures! How do your kids make even the most mundane activity look so fun? I want to hand paint now. This is way too cool! I love the dishwasher picture! The last time I visited, JBird was doing the same thing!
    You and your mom are pretty awesome. Tell her I said hello!!!!

  2. Aww this made me happy. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  3. Your kids are too adorable. You and your mom both have BEAUTIFUL SMILES!!

  4. I was wondering how come they were painting on the table and floor without protection but saw my answer at the end . Hope you're having a great thanksgiving.

  5. I just love your family! I too was wondering about the paint and love that it is a easy one to wipe off! How things have advanced since we were young ones :)

    Your boys are gorgeous and you and your mama look absolutely stunning!

  6. Painting is definitely a great indoor activity...look at Bean...too cute! And you look amazing in red!