Monday, November 17, 2014

Celebrating Tom and Nikki - an English wedding

I met Tom the same time that I met my husband almost 10 years ago. Tom and my hubby used to live in the same house. They've been friends since their Freshman year of college 12 years ago. We've kept in touch with Tom and Nikki throughout the years, they attended our wedding where Tom was a groomsmen, we visited them in London several times,  and they visited us in Germany and the U.S.

Tom and Nikki have been together for what seems like forever (10 years), the speculations as to when they would tie the know were rampant for years. They finally did it, they became husband and wife and we were there to celebrate with them :).

This was my first English wedding and I was super excited to see how all the traditions would unfold. They got married in a court house with a small group of people in attendance. It was so cozy and fun.

Bride and groom exchanging vows
 After they signed their book
Outside the court house
They rented a red double decker bus to take all the guests from the courthouse to the reception hall. Such a great idea especially for a tourist like me. We got to ride with them and get a mini tour of London while we made our way to the reception. To say that I was excited is an understatement.

In front of the bus with our champagne
The front of the bus
The reception hall was in a pub, so fitting for this laid back couple that spent countless days hanging out in pubs when they were in College. Everything about Tom and Nikki's wedding had a sentimental touch. The decorations were handmade, the food was so good, and the ambiance so fun.

The wedding cake was so yummy
 Us with the bride's parents, they were so sweet and welcoming
After dinner we toasted the newlyweds. I loved Tom's speech, it was so beautiful and thoughtful
The boys hanging out, Alex, Tom and hubby. They all lived in the same house in college
 The girls with the bride. C was just in the U.S. with us a week before the wedding
 C and I, drinking the night away. We polished those Disarono and coke
 Me and my handsome man
 Beautiful first dance
 Dancing shoes ready to take on the dance floor
Hubby made me laugh so hard when he said I would be dancing by myself (oh hubby, just get on the dance floor already
C was the queen of the dance floor
Hilarity ensued
Hubby did dance a bit for the bride, she is one tough cookie
Me and the bride
But of course you have do to shots, who dances without alcohol in them?
Cheers friends
Showing off our ring fingers because we are all married now :)
With our new friends Van and her hubby
It was such an honor to be there to celebrate Tom and Nikki finally tying the knot :). We are lucky to have shared in their lives since they started dating and look forward to continue sharing our lives as they grow their family (hint hint start making babies).

Congratulations to Tom and Nikki, here is to many happy years together


  1. What a beautiful wedding! The one of you laughing because hubby said you'll be dancing by yourself is such a great capture. You really found it funny, haha.

    You looked amazing! Love your dress!

  2. A Lovely cozy wedding. These are the best because its so intimate.
    You guys looked like you had a wonderful time.

  3. Your friends had a wonderful wedding and you and your hubby looked great. I loved the picture where everybody showed their ring fingers and I loved the bride and groom kissing in the picture frame... :)

  4. Looks like such a great time! Lots of smiles and laughter look included in this wedding/reception!

  5. Aww congrats to your friends! the wedding looked lovely and so did all of you!!! <3 <3