Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy Halloween

I was so bummed that we were not going to be in the U.S. for Halloween this year. I bought our family costume and everything before we found out that we were going to London for a wedding. I know, I buy my stuff way early like that. Luckily we can reuse these next year, not wasting a perfectly great family costume.

Before I left for our trip, I took pictures of the boys in their Halloween pajamas. It was such a chaotic adventure trying to get a picture of the 3 boys in matching pajamas on the bed right before bedtime.

The boys didn't want anything to do with my photoshoot
I love Bean's face on this one. It looks like Bean is thinking "I need to get out of here mommy". Love my boys
 After a few attempts to get them to cooperate, I tried to pose them, big failure

I gave up and just let them jump around the bed. They were so happy

Bean's sweet cheeks
Hubby watched the boys jumping for joy on the bed
After jumping for joy, they started jumping on their father as they do and of course Bean had to join in on the fun :)

We didn't end up with a posed perfect picture of the boys but I love the chaotic jumping for joy pictures we got.

My mom took these pictures of the boys in their costumes. Aren't hey so adorable
 So hard being a superhero :)
Though we didn't do a big celebration for Halloween, we had an awesome time and the boys did too. I hope you had a great Halloween too.


  1. It's slways such a pleasure to visit your blog. The cuteness is just off the charts... :)

  2. Even though you didn't get posed pics, these candid's came out great. Beautiful family you have.

  3. I love that you guys just go with the flow when it comes to taking pictures. The pictures always look great!

  4. such fun pictures!! love the boys costumes!!

  5. I think J and T are beginning to look like twins, no? Maybe it's because in most of these pics they are sitting down so you can't see the height difference and of course the matching outfits add to it but I think they look more like twins that just brothers. Either way all three of them are absolute cute pies!