Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bean is 8 months

My little Bean if 8 months, what what.With each passing month I am realizing that my little baby is growing into an awesome toddler. Dude the third time around is like lightening in terms of growth. I literally just blinked and my Bean was here in big boy status land.

Bean is still the happiest baby on the block. His smile is so perfect and so inviting. His laugh just makes me so happy. He makes the best sound when he laughs and it's so refreshing. All I have to do is look at him and his eyes just lit up and that infectious giggle starts resonating all over the place. Check him out smiling away so proud of himself for standing up.

Bean is crawling perfectly and so fast these days. He is truly chasing his brothers now. If I leave him in the family room and run to the kitchen, he just follows me. When his brothers start running around the house, he is right behind them trying to keep up. Look at him crawling up to the dishwasher door.
The other thing he learned is to pull himself to a standing position. It started with him always wanting to be held in a standing position.Look at that smile on his face when hubby was holding him up.
He then learned to pull himself up and has not stopped. He holds on to whatever he can to get up and stays up. His poor legs look so weak but Bean is fierce like that. Standing up is his new favorite thing. It won't be long until he starts cruising everywhere.

Check him out pulling himself up to the dishwasher door

Check him out looking for something in the pantry
Bean is still a great nurser. He is efficient on the boob and despite having 4 teeth, he does not use me as a chew toy. Good boy Beanie baby. I thoroughly enjoy our nursing relationship and I cherish every passing day that gets us closer to 1 year. Look at those teeth.
Bean is still so loved by his brothers and he now returns the favor. Tman and Jbird love to hang out with their dad on the recliner and now Bean crawls up to them every time they are there. It's the sweetest thing. I snapped this awesome picture of my boys on the recliner (don't mind hubby's crazy face). I love these boys of mine.
Me and my sweet Bean
Happy 8 months on this earth with us Bean, we are so pleased that you are reaching all your milestones and growing into a healthy happy baby.You make us all so happy every day. I am so excited for all the first that are coming your way this holiday season.


  1. Girl!!! Looks at all three of your boys grow. I started following your blog when TMan was still a tiny lil cutie and that feels like yesterday! Time really flies. Happy 8months to Bean.

  2. He is such a cutie!!! And look at him standing! I thought he was just born? You ain't lying though. Those 8-months HAVE flown by! Happy 8-months Bean!!!

  3. Bean is so adorable and his cheeks are to die for. He was just born the other day, oh how time flies. I thoroughly enjoying reading your posts.

  4. I really loved this post and the pic of your hubby sitting in the chair with the boys is my absolute favorite, even if he is making a face... :D

  5. Oh my gosh his smile is too much! SO so adorable. Just what I needed to see on a Monday morning :)

  6. That smile ... and those cheeks! He is so adorable! Happy 8 months Bean!