Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring is finally here

Hip hip hooray, Spring is finally here. The weather is finally warm for long enough that we can go outside and enjoy. YAY. I have been waiting for this for a long time and so have the boys. We've been stuck inside for weeks and it's time to go outside and smell the roses :). It was a beautiful 60 degrees and sunny the past few days and I took advantage of that to take the boys outside.

The boys were so happy to be outside riding their bikes. They were chasing each other everywhere and giggling away. Pure joy I tell you
I let them roam on our little cul de sac area and even Jbird who can barely reach the pedals was having so much fun

Tman discovered that there was a little sloped area at the end of the driveway and down he went
Jbird of course followed in his footsteps
After riding their bikes for a while, they wanted a change of pace so I brought out the bubble making machine. We had so much fun with that a few weeks ago I figured we could enjoy it again. Check out Jbird carrying the bubble juice
Then he started chasing his brother around for the machine
Tman was nice enough to share, which made Jbird really happy
But of course when Tman got the machine back we were back to tears
Jbird has to learn to share
While the big boys were hanging out, Bean was taking a quick nap in the baby carrier. I so love that my baby is big enough to be carried and seems to love it. I love baby wearing and will need to do that in order to handle all the boys so this was a great start.
I took a few pictures with my big boys before we went back inside. It was impossible to take a picture of Tman and Jbird at the same time but I figured a picture with each of them is still not bad.

Me, Bean and Tman
 Me, Bean, and Jbird
YAY for beautiful weather and outside play time. I am so happy that the weather is finally nice enough that we can spend some time outside. I hope this means that Winter is over because this Winter has been brutal. Now I just need the weather to be warm enough that we can do water play outside, not asking for much of course :).


  1. Ahh, so happy for the warmer weather too! Looks like such a great day. Love how happy the boys look! And sharing ... he'll learn soon enough with two brothers ;)

  2. They are so cute on their bikes, glad you guys were able to get some fresh air :) Hey little bean! xo

  3. Girl, I am seriously taking notes now because you have the best fun activities for kids! I love that you got to take bean out to enjoy some time with his brothers. They are seriously going to be really close. Too cool!