Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bean's first bath

We finally gave Bean his first bath when he was 5 weeks old. I am that paranoid parent that waits for as long as possible to give my babies a bath. I wait until the circumcision and navel is completely healed then I wait some more, I mean what's the rush. I also keep mittens on my babies hands until that first bath. So the first bath is an awesome milestone in our family, the kids get dunked in water and they also can start to discover their hands.

My mom gave my first 2 sons their first bath so in keeping with the tradition, she also gave Bean his first bath. I am usually on camera duty while hubby takes a video of the action. I know, we really make a production out of little things in our house.

Here we are getting ready for our picture and video shoot of Jbird's first bath, I know we are goofballs, feel free to laugh at us. Hubby always makes the crazy faces while I am laughing hysterically

You mean you don't take ridiculous pictures of yourself in the mirror before giving your baby his first bath? You should try, it's fun
We brought the big boys upstairs so that they could take part in the event but they wanted nothing to do with us. As soon as we got upstairs, they went into their room and started playing. It's funny because Tman doesn't actually sleep in this room yet he is at ease in it when it's not bedtime. One day maybe he'll join his brother
My mom getting Bean ready
 Hubby taking a video of the whole thing
Bean enjoying himself in the bath, 5 weeks and looking so grown
Check out my little Bean holding his head like a big boy. I love those cheeks and beautiful brown eyes. He looks so serious my boy
All cleaned up with grandma
Bean's first bath was a great success. His hands are now free for some exploration. Next up we will get him ready for tummy time. I love documenting my babies' milestones.


  1. awesome is this? I love that you celebrate everything. We do the same. My mom is also the one who gives the kids their first baths. I love it and would like to continue that tradition when we have more. Hopefully, Jordan will let me do the same thing one day when she eventually becomes a mom.

    Love you and your hubby's selfies. Too funny!!! You both are just so cute!

  2. Love this! It is so adorable that you have a tradition of your mom giving all your boys their first bath. And yes, those cheeks are the best!! So adorable

  3. I love you captured a tradition so nicely. You can look back and enjoy the wonderful memories you have created.

  4. You and your hubby's pictures are too funny! It was great to see how you celebrate baby's first bath, but your older boys reaction is priceless :)

  5. What a wonderful tradition. I wish I had thought of it, when my kids were babies. Little Bean is soooo adorable. Also, I love the selfies of you and hubby too, I couldn't help but laugh.

  6. The first of so many firsts!! So sweet. Those cheeks!!

  7. So, so cute! Those beautiful cheeks of his. I just want to hold him!

  8. Your littlest family member is so cute! I love how involved your extended family is - it's really great to see that :)