Sunday, April 27, 2014

A trip to Ottowa and more randomness

We've been busy busy around these parts and definitely loving it. My cousin who lives in Ottawa, Canada needed us to come help her out for a few days. Because I will have no time off at all once I go back to work next month, my mom and I decided to go now while I was still on maternity leave. I couldn't leave my tiny Bean behind at only 6 weeks so he came with us. He is my smallest international traveler to date, he got his passport at a mere 5 weeks old. I was so nervous but he did so well and did not get sick, YAY. I left the big boys at home with hubby and they did well too.

My mom and traveling partner at the airport
I loved that they had this cool waterfall with the name of the town at the airport, my kind of airport. Me and my Bean
We spent most of the trip hanging out and didn't do much sightseeing. It was actually snowing while we were there in the middle of April. Gah, Canada I tell you. My mom and I ended up wearing the same shirt on the day we went home (total accident), my husband joked that I missed seeing my boys in a matching outfit so that's why we did :). He is funny like that.
On the plane ride home. Bean was such a great traveler
After we came back from Ottawa, hubby's sister came to visit from London for a short but very fun trip. We love when they come to visit. I wish they could come more often. One of the days, we left Bean at home with hubby's parents and took the big boys to the mall with the visitors. It was such a fun day for everyone.

Tman in the car with our future brother in law
Hubby's sister with the boys
I love this picture of the boys walking around the mall with their aunt and future uncle
The boys got some play time while we were out, that's always a plus
Oh and let's not forget about Bean who is growing like a weed. He is such a happy go lucky baby smiling all the time even in his sleep
Well hello there Mr. adorable
Hehehehehe, the things I do to my kids I tell you
Bike riding outside is the boys favorite thing to do. Loving that the weather is nice enough that we can do that now
Playing soccer with daddy
Having a picnic in the car while watching a cartoon what what
A few days last week, I had my niece the whole day. 4 kids all day was so crazy you guys but somehow we survived and the boys really had fun hanging out with their cousin.

All 4 kids hanging out peacefully in the family room
Tman loved being close to my niece all day, such a great big brother my son
Both boys loved watching their cousin in the jumperoo
We totally slacked off in the picture taking department and this is the only pic I have of all 3 boys with their aunt
We've had a busy but fun few weeks between traveling and visitors, we are just finally catching our breath. I am loving every minute of this time at home with my boys. I sure want to make the most of the next few weeks before I go back to work full time.


  1. I love that you and your mom wore matching shirts. Great minds think alike :) You both are beautiful!

    And passport at 5 weeks?! What a traveler! Love that he did well while traveling and did not get sick. Oh and snow in April ... that should be a sin!

    Looks like the boys are having a good time enjoying the weather!

  2. I love that you and the kiddies and family are always on the go!! The sibling pics are adorable...I always want one of those but I'm usually behind the camera!! Glad you were able to visit your cousin!!

  3. The mustache paci is adorable! This looks like a great trip. :D


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