Sunday, April 13, 2014

My little tribe

Watching my hubby interact with our children is by far one of my favorite things. I am so happy that I met the right person to build a family with. In the words of Ben Affleck, marriage is work but there's no one I would rather work with :). I present to you my little tribe: me, hubby and our 3 boys. Here are some pictures from the past week of my little tribe :)

My boys snacking and watching TV, check out Jbird looking so grown up in his chair
Welcoming daddy home on the driveway, the boys loved being in the car with him without being in the carseats
Since the weather has been so nice, we now take the boys out daily. Hubby hanging out with the boys

 These two have so much fun together
 Hubby taking Jbird to bed, he is saying bye bye and waving, such a good baby
And because I love pics of a sleeping baby, here is my little Bean taking a quick nap
This is what the boys were doing around Bean while he was taking a nap on the boppy
 Hubby and Bean chilling and relaxing, well Bean definitely is
Me and my babies getting ready to go on a bike ride :). Tman's cheesing just like his mommy, I love that kid
These two love spending time together, I am so happy that they love each other and like to spend so much time together
I am even happier that they are loving on Bean who by the way is now smiling on demand
 My boys hanging out in the family room, best view in the house
Me and my Bean, the newest member of our family. Such a great baby. He makes us so happy
I am so in love with my little personal tribe. Hubby is my partner in crime and I am so lucky that our path crossed and we are now raising 3 awesome boys. The boys are my pride and joy and I thank God everyday for being their mommy and I look forward to raising them to be great men. I am loving these days at home with my boys, I am going to be so sad when my maternity leave comes to an end next month.


  1. You look amazing. Motherhood (of three!) looks very nice on you!! :) I can never get enough of you matching your boys. It's way too adorable! Have a blessed week ahead.

  2. Bean is getting big so fast! You are indeed blessed, awesome pics of you guys. I love seeing dad's and son's having bonding time, its so admirable. More dad's should take a leaf out of your hubby book.

  3. Loved all the pics. You and those boys...So cute!

  4. Great pictures! The boys are precious! I LOVE them loving on Bean!!! <3 <3 <3

  5. Beautiful Pics! Baby boy is getting so big! Send him our hugs and kisses!


  6. Your boys are so cute, Bean having wonderful brothers like Tman and Jbird such a blessing :) I love reading about your tribe :)

  7. You have a beautiful tribe! You make me excited to be a mother one day :)