Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanksgiving celebrations

I ate entirely way too much on Thanksgiving. My sister always hosts so we don't have to do anything but show up at her house, score.

The morning was relaxing, we woke up, made waffles and stuffed our faces. Then it was bath time followed by nap time and before we knew it, we had to get ready to go to my sister's house.This was my in-laws first Thanksgiving celebration in America. Unfortunately my poor father in law was not feeling well so he didn't join us for the festivities.

Before we left the house, we of course took a few pictures. I mean, my boys all looked decent so I had to capture that before they got all messy and crazy. Plus I did my hair and was feeling pretty sassy.

Almost 28 weeks with baby #3, can you believe that the 3rd trimester is here. Insanely good I know. My Jbird joined me for a belly pic. Look at that belly
Front view of the belly so don't do justice to it
I love this family picture, the boys aren't looking but they are actually smiling
After the mini photoshoot, we headed to my sister's house. We had such a good time at my sister's house. We spent the entire afternoon chatting away, enjoying some good food and just overall enjoying each others company.

Check out my nieces hanging out together (my sister's daughters and my brother's daughter)
My sister and my mother in law (I love that my in laws are here now and we get to hang out often)
Hubby and Jbird making faces, these two I tell you
My brother and my other sister all smiles
My grandma was there too of course, here she is hanging out with my brother and niece
Speaking of my niece, can you believe that she is 2 months old? She was the life of the party, so happy and alert and check out that bow
with my sister in law and our little ones. Check out how serious Jbird looks
Jbird was pointing at my niece saying "baby". PS - I am loving the way my hair turned out
My mom and the little princess who was passed out after a fun Thanksgiving celebration
I love my family, my brother, sisters, and hubby with Jbird
By the way, Jbird was attached to my hip most of the time. I not going to lie, as a working mom it's the best thing your child can possibly do. You don't get to spend every waking minute with them but they still want you just as much. I just love that.
Tman enjoyed the food for sure but his favorite was definitely the red velvet cupcakes
Me and my brother. Hello baby #3
Our attempt at a family picture, completely failed but we were all smiles. Love my family
The next morning I woke up to this beautiful sight, Tman and his daddy sleeping peacefully. This just warms my heart. Tman still sleeps in our bed, I know it's crazy but it works for us.
We had an awesome Thanksgiving celebration this year. I hope you did too. So thankful to have our family close by so that we can always celebrate together.


  1. That is just the cutest pic of tman and his dad in bed.
    Girl! You look so good! I love that you are always smiling. It is totally contagious!
    Your nieces are such cuties! 2 months already? That flew by.
    Hope your father in law is doing better.

  2. Family time is so precious. You are working that bump and carrying it so well. Your hair is so shiny and looks fab!

  3. SUPER CUTE sleeping father son pic!! awwww! Your entire family looks great! How wonderful that you get to be near them! Amazing that your hubby's parents are here now too!!! :)

  4. i love your family celebrations.....always makes me miss my family!! and look at that belly....and the last picture is the best one ever!!!

  5. you are preggers so you are totally allowed to eat what you want on tg! :) I love love love your dress!! So fall--so thanksgiving in the colors and design :) Beautiful pictures!!

  6. These pics really made me smile :) It looks like you and your family had a FAB Thanksgiving!

  7. Love all your pictures! They make me smile ear from ear. Girl, you are stunning and completely glowing!

    Looks like such a great Thanksgiving ... glad to hear that you ate as much as I did but I have bets that I totally ate more than you ;)

  8. blessings, congratulations and safe delivery.