Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Christmas tree is up

Our Christmas tree is finally up, YAY. Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year so I am always so eager to get things started. I couldn't wait to put the tree up. We had been busy the past few weeks so it totally got delayed beyond my normal timeline.

I wanted to get the boys involved and make it a fun family event as I do. Tman was all about it, Jbird not so much in the beginning then he got really into it. It was so much fun to watch.

So here we are starting our little expedition. Hubby was not really motivated because he wanted to watch football instead of taking care of the tree, men I tell you. I was able to convince him to get things done, good thing I am a pretty convincing person
My mom and grandma came over to hang out as they do every Sunday so this was definitely a family event. I love having my family nearby.
Working on the tree with my boys, Tman the helper, Jbird the destroyer and bean in the belly :).
Tman was really into it while all Jbird wanted to do was eat the ornaments
Jbird was fascinated by Tman in action
Jbird was stealing all the ornaments on the tree after Tman would put them up, lol
Tman's favorite part was probably putting the star on the tree
Hubby helped him and you should have seen the look on his face. Unfortunately, Jbird shook the tree and the star fell so we decided to forgo that until Christmas day. A destroyer that Jbird I tell you
  After all our work we were finally done. A family pic was in order of course :)
Tman got a special ornament from his grandma and was super excited about putting it on the tree
Jbird attempting to put his ornament on the tree too
After we got the tree up, it was time for advent calendar fun. Tman was so excited once he realized that there was chocolate under those doors
We allowed Tman to help Jbird open his advent calendar and let me tell you it was happy happy joy joy. The boys really loved the advent calendar and the treat under the door.
This year I really got my stuff together. I mean I got my Christmas card ordered by the first week of December. Dude, I am loving how organized I am with things this year. I really like how they turned out, now to put them all in the mail in a timely fashion
Well, my favorite time of the year is here and we are ready to get this party started :). I am so excited for this Christmas, the boys are so going to enjoy themselves and it is such a treat to watch them enjoy every little thing.

I am so happy that the tree is up, it finally feels festive around here and I am loving it. Are you putting a Christmas tree up this year? Any fun tradition you are starting with your family?


  1. Love this post! J-Bird the destroyer makes me smile! Love T-Man's excitement! Your tree is beautiful!

    We're putting up ours on Saturday. We had plans to do it the day after Thanksgiving but that didn't go as planned. Sean wants me to wait for him so Saturday it is!

    I wish my family was as nearby as yours :)

  2. I love these pics! Your boys are just so cute!!! LOL @ J-Bird the destroyer. I guess he is just curious. My little one refuses to even get close to the tree.

    LOVE your Christmas card! It is just too cute! And you even included little jelly bean! Love it and stealing that idea if we're pregnant next Christmas! :-).

    I need to read up on the advent calendar. Seen posts about it but no idea what it entails.

  3. Jbird makes me laugh. HE sounds like a character in a movie. I love your family tree, and the fact it's a celebration itself to put the tree up is just awesome. happy holidays

  4. That Christmas card is beautiful.

  5. J Bird the destroyer, lol. Tavi is a Christmas tree destroyer as well. We decorate as a family too, it gets everyone in a festive mood :)