Thursday, November 7, 2013

Travel - Calgary, Canada

Two years ago we visited hubby's cousins in Calgary, Canada with our little Tman in tow. They had been living there for a few years and it was about time we paid them a visit. We spent a week hanging out and doing fun things with them.

These girls are the sweetest, they spent the whole time driving us around town to show us all that the city had to offer. They were so mesmerized by Tman and just showered him with attention
 Driving around town in the jeep, what up
 Tman loved the dog bed and only wanted to drink his milk laying in it, this kid I tell you
We took him to a restaurant where they bring a moose head to put over your head when it's your birthday. Tman was not loving it. The things we do to our children :)
 Look how tiny my 14-month Tman is in this picture playing soccer with his dad

While we were there, they took us on an awesome day trip to Lake Louise, what a beautiful place. I mean it was simply breathtaking. We so enjoyed that visit, if you get a chance to go, you totally should, it is so worth the visit.
Check out this view
Us with hubby's family at Lake Louise
 Our family of 3 at Lake Louise
My Tman the independent and confident walker
 That sweet face
Me and hubby's cousins went in total photoshoot mode, we couldn't help it with such a beautiful view. We are such posers

After hanging out at Lake Louise, we took a quick walk downtown Banf. It was so much fun. my hubby was so not into taking pictures with random moose but me of course I had to.
 My Tman with his little bear hat, doesn't he look so much like Jbird in this pic
My adorable little man
Our family of 3 in Banf. Less than a year later Jbird joined us, amazing
We had such a great time hanging out with hubby's family in Calgary. They've since moved to Houston and I can't wait to go visit them there soon. Family trips are the best, I do wish that we all lived closer so that we could hang out together more often.


  1. Lake Louise is magnificence, I didn't see it without snow but I could see the blueness of Lake Louise even through the snow.

  2. Wouldn't it be awesome if we were in Houston at the same time? Let me know when you go!

  3. the views ... wow! beautiful! it's amazing to see T-Man so tiny. such a sweet face. love all the pictures!

  4. ooh look at precious. and i love Canada...Calgary is beautiful.

  5. aww look at little tman! He was not feeling that moose hat! I love his beatles tee!! yall look great too :) I've never been to Canada I need to make my way up there sometime soon!

  6. What beautiful pictures! You all looked so happy. Very much looking forward to seeing pics for your recent visit to Canada. I hope everyone had loads of fun!

  7. Tman is so tiny in that picture on the soccer field! my sister and my dad's side of the family live in Calgary and I love visiting, it's such a beautiful place. it's too bad the family moved to Houston, you'll have to find another excuse to go back and visit!

  8. I love's simply gorgeous everywhere!! What a nice trip down memory lane! Gosh Tman has grown so fast!!