Monday, November 25, 2013

The weekend before Thanksgiving

I love the Holiday season, best time of the year if you ask me. This past weekend was spent recuperating from the last busy weekend we had traveling. We had absolutely no set plan but chill with family and it was glorious.

Speaking of family, my in-laws have officially moved here, YAY. Are we the luckiest or what? It's been a few years in the making but God has been good, they sold their house in England and moved here permanently. We are truly blessed with both sets of parents now living within minutes of us. Now you know why we keep popping those babies :). We are blessed with family nearby to help us raise these little rascalls.

On Saturday we went to the mall to get our shopping on. My mother in law came with me and the boys while my hubby and his father stayed at home to get caught up on all the sports stuff on TV.

My mother in law with the boys at the mall
 We ended up spending some time playing with trains in one of the kid store
 My boys were in heaven, I might have to get one of these for Christmas
 Even Jbird joined in on the fun
Sunday was spent at home relaxing, cleaning, taking naps together on the couch, watching lots of sports and just having a grand old time.

Hubby with a sleeping Jbird, aren't sleepy babies the best?
 A sleeping Tman, I love taking these kinds of pics
When everyone was, the boys put together a bookcase. Tman really wanted to help. I love this age, I swear, he is so super helpful and always wants to fun things with his dad
 I mean it was a family affair
Jbird with the final product, he was not helping at all but just destroying things but who can resist that super happy face
Jbird with his grandma smiling away, they are getting to know each other really well
My sweet second boy who just turned 15 months by the way
 My sweet first boy making faces instead of smiling
I cannot wait to meet my third boy. I day dream about who he is going to look like, who he is going to be like, how well he is going to get along with his brother and I just know that he will fit so perfectly in our family. Hopefully he is a good sleeper like Jbird.

We had an awesome easy weekend and I am looking forward to the short week and Thanksgiving celebrations. Hope you all had a great weekend too.


  1. The picture of the two of them sleeping is way too adorable. Have a Happy Thanksgiving with the family!!

  2. What an awesome but chill weekend! That is AWESOME that you now have both sets of grandparents close by. That is truly a blessing! Instant babysitters and the best part is that the kids get to grow up being around their grand-parents. Win-win!

    Love that bookcase! Where'd you get it from? We are looking for something similar for Jordan.

  3. Thanks you guys.

    J - we are so happy to have both grandparents here so close. Life is about to get much easier for sure.