Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend fun - Celebrating a wedding

The weekend was awesome, I know I say that about all of my weekends. The thing is if none of the kids are sick and we get to do a fun activity and have some chill time then that's a successful weekend in my book.

This weekend we had a play date with a friend of mine whose baby is only 6 weeks younger than Jbird. We were pregnant together and now are enjoying our little ones together. On Sunday, my uncle and his wife celebrated 10 years of marriage with a party at their house. It was so beautiful. I love the idea of celebrating milestones years with close friends and family. I might steal that idea.

Saturday was pretty chill. My friend came over with her lovely son and we hung out for hours. The rest of the day was spent hanging out with the kids and catching up on the DVR.

Jbird hanging out with his friend.
 Us with our kids (she has another son that was not here for the playdate).
Remember how Jbird doesn't like any food really. We were having ribs and he kept reaching for the food. I let him hold the bone and this guy went to town. Must feel nice on those gums. My baby doesn't want pureed food, he wants the real deal. 
Sunday was the 10th wedding celebration of my aunt and uncle. My mom is one of 12 so I have fairly young uncles. Anyway, they invited family and close friends to celebrate with them.

Us with the happy couple
My mom and grandma were there too

I attempted to get a family picture, not my best effort
 Tman took this picture of me and the hubby, future photographer over here
Tman was attached to my hip for half the party
Until he found magnetic numbers on the fridge and a friend of course
There was some dancing toward the end of the night. Tman cutting a rug with my mom
Me and my grandma going at it on the dance floor. She has great moves :)
It was an awesome party, my hubby was actually dressed up and that doesn't happen often so I definitely took loads of pictures :)
It was such a great party. We didn't get home until late but it was so worth it. I guess we'll be celebrating again in 5 years. We had another fabulous weekend, it was made even better by having a snow day today. How did you spend your weekend. I hope it was great fun.


  1. What an awesome milestone to celebrate! Love the pic of Tman dancing. Cutie alert!!!
    You and your hubby are just so cute together. I love that you are always smiling in your pics.

  2. That last picture is a framer!! The boys look precious in their dressy shirts. Looks like a good time was had by all!!

  3. 1 of 12?! you must have a huge extended family!! I am laughing at J-bird going strait for the real food - too cute!

  4. Your family is huge!!! Family gatherings must be so much fun in your family. 10 years is awesome. I can't wait for hubby and I to get there.

  5. Aw I absolutely adore the pics of you and grandma dancing!! That peplum dress is everything! I love it!!

  6. Love your dress!! I also love celebrating big milestones with family. Such a great idea.

  7. How cute are JBird and his little friend. I totally get him though, ribs over pureed food any day ;).
    I especially love the pic with your mom dancing with her grandsons, super cute!

  8. Weddings always make me happy. :) Sounds like the perfect weekend!

  9. Is Jbird eating a bone? AOI loved that when she was his age.

    you have such an active weekend, full of fun indeed :)