Monday, March 18, 2013

Jbird is 7 months

My baby is 7 months, woooohoooo. Only 5 months away from his 1st birthday, crazy
He got his 2 bottom teeth 2 weeks ago and they are razor sharp. I didn't even know they were in until I felt them when he bit me. I am so lucky that my babies don't have teething issues. At least Tman didn't have any until he got his molars at almost 2 years of age. Here is to hoping Jbird is the same way.
He is still a very happy go lucky and super mellow baby. His smile and giggle are infectious. I tickle him all the time just to hear that joyful laugh. He lights up and starts to giggle like crazy whenever his brother gets near him. I love that he looks up to his brother, I so love this.

Jbird is finally sleeping through the night, happy happy joy joy. I mean 8 to 9 hours uninterrupted, the real deal of sleeping through the night. He started about 3 weeks ago and has yet to look back :). To say that we are excited is an understatement. That's a whole 2 months sooner than Tman did. I am a whole new refreshed person. He usually goes down around 1000 or 1030 and doesn't wake up until 7 or 730, amazing. We've had 2 nights where he slept 10 hours, we were floored. The funny thing is that we didn't do anything different than we did with Tman, this baby is just a rockstar like that :).

Jbird still wants nothing to do with food. I still offer him a new meal everyday and every time he tries to gag himself. This kid I tell you. He does love his milk and can't get enough. I hope he doesn't think that he can just drink milk for the rest of his life :). I am not too worried, I know he will come around. Plus he is a chunky baby at 21lbs and like my Doctor said "he can miss a few meals and still be ok", she is funny like that.

He hasn't nursed in over 2 weeks. I am not happy about that because I love nursing my boy. I have been pumping exclusively and not loving it all. Luckily I am still able to make enough to feed him. I am not looking forward to doing just that for another 5 months. Hopefully he ends his strike and gets back on the boob. It ended too soon and so abruptly, I was so not ready for that. One day he had the sniffles and just stopped nursing. He is feeling better now but every time I put him on he just bites, yikes. Luckily for him, he is one adorable baby

and because I love comparing my kids, here is a picture of Tman at 7 months. Hello there handsome
Happy 7 months my sweet Jbird, keep growing healthy and strong.


  1. Awww happy 7months little man!! Time is flying isn't it. Sleeping through the night...Jbird please come teach lessons to baby pancakes on how to do this!!!

  2. Happy 7 months jbird!! I wanted to throw a party when my youngest started sleeping through a couple months ago! Woohoo!!

  3. So exciting that he's sleeping through the night. My mom said when we started to bite her she knew that it meant we were done nursing. Maybe J-Bird is trying to be a big boy like his brother.

  4. Happy 7 months! Your boys look so much alike!! Adorable!

  5. So cute! Yay for sleeping through the night! I sure do hope Jordan is just as good when her teeth come in.

  6. He's so cute and those cheeks! My goodness! Happy 7 months!

  7. He's so cute!! Happy 7 months!!!

  8. OMG I just want to kiss those little chubby cheeks! He is SO cute :) Makes me miss my little one being this small.