Friday, March 8, 2013

#Projectmilf - week 5

We are in week 5, wooohooo. I swear time is flying by when you are having fun. This week is about adding something more to your life that is going to help with your goals. Well, the funniest thing happened, my hubby decided to join me in this fitness journey. Talk about adding something more to my life this week. I am so happy.

After watching me do jumping jacks for a few weeks, my hubby decided that he wanted to join in on the fun. He didn't want to do jumping jacks so he ordered a workout video. Remember Tae Bo? Well next thing I know, Saturday the video showed up. My Hubby was so excited he started setting up the video as soon as we got it
We managed to get 3 workouts in this week. We only did 20 minutes each day so far, it's so hard and we are so out of shape.

Our family room has become our gym. Eventually we'll start using the gym downstairs, but right now this is working just fine. We are making baby steps over here. I love doing everything with my hubby, I am so glad that he decided to join in on the fun

And what I am loving this week are these picture of my mom and grandma hanging with Jbird this past weekend. Check him out smiling away, such an awesome baby my Jbird

Oh and I am loving that my friend HJ was able to visit us, we love visitors
Hope you are all doing well with your goals this week


  1. Love the pics as usual but I just totally smiled when I saw and read the story about you and hubby! How awesome is that. You just motivated me...thanks lady and I can't wait to see both your progress!!!

    1. Mrs. P took the words out of my mouth. I am so glad your motivation is not inspiring only us but also your husband.

  2. I can't believe project milf is in week 5 already. i feel like I was just reading about it getting started! That's awesome your hubby is joining you on your fitness journey & you guys can do things together as a family :)

  3. I love that you and hubby are working out together. It is one of the things Sean and I enjoy doing together too!

    One hot family over there!!!

    Love the pictures of Jbird. That smile melts me!

  4. Too funny! Hubby is doing tae Bo as I type. I love it! Get a good workout while having fun.

  5. Thanks ladies, my jaw dropped to the floor when he told me he wanted to join. I thought check me out motivating someone :).

    Faith - Thanks so much, Jbird is the best I tell you

    Katherine - The weeks are just flying by I tell you

    J - YAY for Tae Bo

  6. Awww, your babies are so cute, always enjoy seeing pictures of them. I love that your hubby has joined you in working out. Im sure it also makes for a good motivator and you two can root each other on! Seriously loving the the project ladies. You guys are all super inspiring!