Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tman is 6 years old

Happy birthday to my big boy Tman who turned 6 on July 21st. Every time his birthday comes around, I can't believe how much he has grown. My first baby is 6 years old you guys.

Emilia's arrival and the chaos that is going on in our house made us decide to keep the birthday parties low key this Summer with only family. Tman's birthday was on a Thursday but we wanted to celebrate on Sunday so that everyone could be there. Apparently when you are 6 you understand dates particularly with the help of Siri :). A week before his birthday, he asked Siri how many days until July 21st and started counting down the days from there :) :). That is one smart cookie I know. So we did a mini celebration on his actual birthday on Thursday and had everybody over on Sunday for a full celebration.

On Thursday we ordered some cupcakes and opened a few presents. My mom didn't want to miss the mini celebration so she came home during her lunch break. Gotta love living super close to everyone.

I present to you my new favorite picture of all my kids, we have 4 kids you guys (so amazing and surreal)
My niece wanted in on the action :)
Check out Emilia hanging out with granddad, I couldn't help but dress her up for the event :)
Now we were getting ready for the cupcakes
Hubby was on cupcake duty :)
The boys were so excited about the cupcakes and the candles
Jbird's face in this picture is just priceless
Tman and Jbird and those cupcakes :)
And of course we got a group picture of everyone that was there

We tried to get a family picture :)
My mom and my aunt chilling with Emilia
My mom and all her grandchildren, love this so much. The boys were too busy eating their cupcakes to participate in our picture
My brother J and the kids
Then we opened some gifts and the boys were in heaven

We had a great low key celebration on Tman's actual birthday. On Sunday we had everybody over and celebrated all over again :)

This time hubby ordered a cake. Tman picked the design that he wanted
Emilia slept the entire party but she was there :). By the way, my babies all sleep the same way with their arms up in the air. This little girl is just so adorable and I am loving this sleepy phase so much
Hubby bringing the cake, check out my little excited Tman on the left :)

Blowing the candles on the cake
Tman was serious about blowing his candles :)

My crew hanging out
Then the kids enjoyed the cake
I completely forgot to get a family picture but I did get a picture with my friend and her kids who came to see the baby
We had a great time celebrating our Tman's 6th birthday. Next year we'll definitely celebrate in style with more people. I am just amazed how much time has flown. I have a 6-year old in the house. Happy birthday to my big boy Tman, you changed our lives forever since you joined or family 6 years ago and we are forever grateful.


  1. Awww...happy birthday Tman! I am glad he got to have a fun celebration.
    You all look great!

  2. Awww...happy birthday Tman! I am glad he got to have a fun celebration.
    You all look great!

  3. Six years old?! Goodness I remember when he was just born!! Amazing! Happy birthday T-Man!!!

  4. When sitting your three boys look like triplets!! Happy Birthday to him!