Sunday, February 7, 2016

The blizzard of 2016

Last week we had the craziest snow storm. When they predicted 30inches of snow I thought they were joking but the snow came down and it came down hard. We got about 26inches on our deck. Our lives came to a screeching halt for almost a week. The boys loved the break and the fact that we took them out to play in the snow. I just loved the much needed break.

The week before the snow it was cold but definitely sunny. We got to hang out with my niece for a few days and the boys just loved having her around. Good practice for us with 4 kids :). We were surprised how easy it was to get at least 2 down for nap time. We definitely had a ball and should do this more often.

The boys got these awesome 4wheelers for Christmas so we took them out to give them a try
Tman really loved his 4wheeler. We got him a smaller size but later realized that it was just too small and ordered a bigger size
 I think Jbird wants a bigger size too :)
Milk time was always so funny, they would all sit in the playroom in the same position and watch cartoons :)
Dinner time was the trickiest, they could never sit still for more than a few minutes. When I saw them all sitting there, you know I had to take a pic :)
Taking selfies with my baby the day before the blilzzard was scheduled to hit us, I love the look on his face, he is so adorable.
 Once we all got home on Friday, we put our feet up and were ready for all the blizzard craziness
The snow did come down, and there was a lot of it. We woke up to our front yard being completely covered
 The boys loved watching the snow falling and spent the day doing this :)
We also got lots of cuddle time. Every time hubby went upstairs to put anyone down for a nap, he ended up sleeping with them. I loved this pic of Jbird and hubby passed out
On Saturday, we decided to go outside and check out the snow. It was gloomy and still snowing but the boys just loved going out there to help my brother and hubby
 I of course had to go out there and take a family pic with my favorite :)
  Hubby working hard while the boys frolicked in the snow
More snow fell overnight covering the hard work from the night before. We woke up to this craziness
Luckily, the snow fall was over and by the afternoon it was sunny and nice. I convinced my mom and grandma to come out with the boys for a little photo op. I love that we were snowed in with our peeps
The boys were so done with pictures at this point, all they wanted to do was run around in the snow :)
So we let them and they were like animals in the wild. Check out my little Bean over there trying to climb too
They were loving the freedom of jumping and running in the snow
 They definitely had a ball
Tman was climbing on every snow bank and the other two were right behind him
The next day, only the big boys went outside. Bean was taking a sweet nap so we didn't want to bother him. Tman and Jbird climbing on snow banks and feeling like they were on the top of the world.
Jbird wanted to try that snow so badly
 My handsome model Jbird walking on ice with such poise
 My goofy Tman throwing snow ballls
 My brother J came out to join us and started a snow ball fight with the boys
 Tman was loving it
 Until he got hit of course :)

Uncle J was just pretending but I love the look on Jbird's face like "wow, that's a huge snowball" and Tman hiding from the shot
The boys had so much fun with the snow
Later that night the boys were wrestling with their father as they do and though this picture is blurry, it captures them in action :)
Bean and I were just chilling on the couch. Me and my babies, Bean almost 2 and baby girl in the belly at 17 weeks
The blizzard of 2016 hit us hard but it also provided a much welcomed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Most of the snow is melted now and life is back to normal. I wonder if this will be our last big snow of the season. Were you guys affected by the blizzard of 2016? did you make the most out of it?

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