Sunday, February 28, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday to my Bean

It is hard to believe that our baby Bean turned 2 today. How is that even possible, I was just complaining about him taking forever to come like yesterday. It surely has been the fastest yet most rewarding 2 years of my life. Adding Bean to our family and watching Tman and Jbird become amazing big brothers has made this experience so beautiful. I am so happy to be celebrating our sweet baby's 2nd birthday today and I look forward to many more birthdays.

Our birthday boy being goofy and running around the house :).

We started the morning with his favorite meal for breakfast: pancakes. Hubby decided to be creative and make it in the shape of his age. Pretty good huh
I think he liked it :).
His brothers immediately asked to get pancakes in the shape of their ages too :). They loved being just like Bean. Are you loving Jbird's cheese like I am :).
It's so hard to believe that we now have children aged 5, 3 and 2. Wowza, where did time go

Since my brothers are still in Cameroon and we only got back a few days ago, I didn't plan on having a big celebration. We invited hubby's parents and my mom over and showered our baby with love :). It was super low key but I think he loved it.
 Tman's smile on this picture just cracks me up :)
 I had to sneak in a pic with my boys before the chaos
 Poor Jbird was so tired but he had to join the crew for the cake
 A family picture is always in order :)
 We also got a picture with hubby's parents
 Then it was time to blow on the cake
 Bean was so proud of himself
 After the cake we opened some presents
 Everyone was super excited to help Bean
It's nice having big brothers that always want to hang out with you :)
I tried to get a picture of my 3 sons together and chaos ensued. I do love these shots that capture this bunch so well.

 These three are the cutest bunch I tell you. I am loving the "brother bear" shirts. I got them in preparation for our maternity shoot in May (I am such a planner), Bean also has one but we wanted him to be different on his birthday.
Happy birthday sweet Bean, you've only made our lives sweeter since you joined us 2 years ago. May the Lord grant you many more happy years. I look forward to watching you grow into an amazing gentleman.


  1. Wow, time flies, I remember reading your post when he was a baby:) You are so blessed to have 3 healthy and cute boys:) What an accomplishment as a mother!

    1. Thank you so much, I definitely am feeling blessed right now.

  2. Huh??? I was about to say Happy first birthday and then I realized it is his second! Gosh...that time went by soooooo fast!!! Happy Birthday little guy! He'll be an older brother soon! So happy for you guys!
    Thanks for sharing the post and tell you mom I love her outfit. You're looking great as well!!!

    1. Thanks J, time surely flew by, I remember finding out about him and bam he is here and he is 2.

      My mom was still on Cameroon mode, showing off the stuff she brought back ;)

  3. Happy 2nd birthday!!! The three of the are so adorable!

  4. Happy Birthday to your baby!! They are all so handsome. It's been such a pleasure watching them grow up. :)

    1. Thank you so much Nellie, I have definitely enjoyed sharing this awesome baby adventure :)