Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bloggy friends turned real life friends

When I started blogging a few years back, I never imagined how much I would love it or how many awesome people I would meet through blogging. It's been such an awesome experience that I am still doing it and loving every minute :). I was fortunate to meet several ladies with whom I share so many similar interests and who also have kids that are the same ages as my kids.

Right after the holidays, we organized a get together playdate where we got to hang out and let our kids play. We are fortunate that our kids are similar ages and play well together. I am bummed that I didn't get any pictures of the ladies but I made up for it by taking loads of the kids playing together ;).

When we got there, Bean was sleeping so hubby chilled with him while I was mingling :)
Tman and Jbird made friends right away and started playing with toys

We moved the kids to the basement where there was even more toys and they were loving it

Then it was homemade pizza time :)

Don't mind Bean and hubby sleeping over here, I love taking sleepy pics of hubby with the kids
I did get a pic of the adult with the kids, check out J and J smiling away over there :)

My kids will nap everywhere I tell you. My mom was there too of course
The kids just had so much fun hanging out with each other

I am bummed that I didn't take any pictures of the adults but trust me, we had a ball. I love hanging out with my bloggy friends turned real life friends. We don't see each other often but now when I follow along on their blogs it so much fun because I actually know the people behind the blogs.


  1. We sure did. We have to do this again once it gets warmer and the kids can play outside. Was definitely fun! Thanks to Ms. Pancakes for organizing it and to TOI for the yummy yummy pizza.

  2. All of my favorite bloggers together!!!