Sunday, January 3, 2016

Christmas 2015

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year you guys. No matter what happens, I go all out for this celebration. Our kids make it even more special because seeing the excitement in their eyes makes all the effort worthwhile. This year was a really nice Christmas because not only did Tman and Jbird know what was going on, they wanted to take part in all of the festivities.

The night before Christmas we planned to make a gingerbread house but I forgot to get it so we were left with making a gingerbread cookie tree. The boys didn't know any different and enjoyed the experience nonetheless :).

In the kitchen, working hard mixing everything together :). Tman and Jbird are serious about their mixing :).
My brother J came around and had fun running around with the boys while the cookie was in the oven
Then we decorated the cookie

I had to give them a hand of course
 The final result was absolutely beautiful, it was devoured within minutes :).
Tman made sure we saved some for Santa with some milk
 Santa came, I just love this sight the night before Christmas
 The boys were super excited about presents when they woke up in the morning
Tman went straight for the cookie and was so happy to see that Santa ate some of his cookie ;)
Then the boys watched a Christmas cartoon while I started cooking breakfast.
Normally we would be taking endless pictures in our pajamas at this point but my poor hubby woke up with the stomach bug that the boys had been passing around and he was puking all morning. When he first told me that he was sick, I thought he was pretending so that he didn't have to wear our pajamas so I didn't believe him (I know, how evil of me).

After breakfast, we decided to open at least one gift while we waited for hubby to feel better. We got the boys power wheels and they were in heaven. They started riding around the house until we suggested to go outside.
The weather was so beautiful that it was perfect riding weather. They enjoyed their bikes for a good half hour before we came back inside. Don't you just love that my mom is always around?
Poor hubby was still not feeling well, so we took a few pictures without him. I just love this picture of my mom with the boys :). Bean was crying but it is still an adorable picture
Then we opened a few more presents. I love that they are all working together
Tman loved that this present had his name on it
Then it was time to get things started for dinner. My mom and the big boys came to rescue. Since it was really warm for a Christmas day, we decided that grilling was definitely in order.
In between prepping food, we also skyped with our family overseas. My grandma is always so shocked when she can see someone that lives in another country on the phone :)
Bean chilling with grandad

Thanks to Zofran, hubby stopped puking and before we could actually get ready for dinner he was feeling a lot better. he willingly put on his Christmas pajama and joined us for our annual family picture :).

I present to you our 2015 family Christmas pajama :). I love my little growing family
By the time we did the pictures, my niece was already there and she really wanted to be part of our picture so we let her ;), she was so happy
My mom and grandma wanted to join in on the matching fun this year so I indulged them of course. We got this awesome 4 generations picture, my new favorite. I am so excited to add baby#4 to this mix next year
We also did a picture with hubby's parents, family is everything in my book
 And another with my brother to complete our 4 generations with all the grandchildren
After the photoshooot, it was time to serve dinner. My mom chilling with my brothers and my niece
Dinner was served shortly thereafter, yum yum
 Christmas dinner with the family
After dinner, there was a lot of chit chatting action and games. My brothers and sisters hanging out
 Me with hubby's mom and Bean, check out that awesome smile on my baby
Then it was time to open more presents

 This is by far my favorite thing, seeing my whole family together celebrating.
 Me and my mommy in our matching dresses :)
 Hubby did feel much better by the end of the day
We did our annual family photo by the Christmas tree. My stepfather was missing from this photo and that made me sad but I will forever cherish the amazing memories that we made over the last 20 years that we spent together.
That was our Christmas 2015 in a nutshell, another amazing time spent with our family and loved ones. I hope you had a great time celebrating this year too.


  1. Love this!!! You guys had an awesome time and it shows!

    1. Thanks girl, it was definitely a great Xmas

  2. I absolutely love everything about this post! I agree, family is everything! Just beautiful. Can't wait to see #4 in these pictures next year :)

    1. Thanks Faith, I am like you, family is everything to me. Yes, we'll have a 4th next year, it's so surreal