Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving celebrations and the tree is up

We came back from Disney and went straight into hosting Thanksgiving. To say that I was overwhelmed is an understatement. We were still doing laundry and had to get the feast ready for the family. I decided to cater the whole thing and I am so happy I did. My family and hubby's parents came over and we spent the evening eating and chit chatting. It was an awesome celebration. I meant to take a lot of pictures and somehow that did not happen. That is so unlike me to not even get a family picture. I digress.

My grandma with my big boy Tman
Tman and his grandma
Then all the other kids rushed over to hang out with grandma
Jbird on the other hand was hanging out with my brother J and granddad
My mom chilling with Bean
Bean making the rounds and hanging out with granddad
Then chilling with grandma
Hello there, I did make an appearance in a picture :). Hanging out with my sister in law and my mom
The weekend after Thanksgiving it was operation get the tree ready. I love to enjoy my Christmas tree for as long as I can. We got the boys involved in the process as we always do. Tman was really into it, Jbird was not really interested and Bean was on a destruction path. He is still pulling ornaments off the tree that's why there aren't that many at the bottom of the tree.

It was a 2-day endeavor but we got there eventually. The first day hubby put the tree together and the next day I decorated with Tman

I just love this picture of my boys getting the tree ready. Check out Bean chilling on the couch over there :)
The next day we started putting the ornaments on the tree, Tman was in charge
I tried to get Bean involved but he kept running away with our ornaments
My Tman was serious with his job :)
Hubby and Jbird were just chilling while we worked, poor Jbird was so tired he passed out
I am really pleased with the final result. We can now enjoy this view for the next month :).
The boys also started their advent calendar chocolate yesterday and they are looking forward to having that everyday until Santa comes :)
Oh and I also ordered our Christmas cards on time this year, seriously I am on a roll :). I just have to address them and put them in the mail now. I present to you our 2015 Christmas card. The picture is overly exposed but I absolutely love how the card turned out.
We had a great Thanksgiving celebration and an even better weekend. Somehow everything is always packed with activities and such around these parts. I am happy that we are chilling most of this weekend coming up and we can get caught up on everyday life. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving celebration too. Is your Christmas tree up yet?


  1. Your tree is beautiful! I love your home filled with all the family pictures, brings such a warmth!

    Loving your Christmas cards too!

    We have both trees up! Yes, two trees this year as Sean was under the impression that we threw away our last one prior to moving to PA. I should have known that we would not do such a silly thing, lol. But I have to admit it is so nice to have two trees!

  2. I love the many pics of your family around the house. Oh my goodness your Christmas Cards are super gorgeous!