Friday, December 18, 2015

Disney World 2015 - Animal Kingdom

Our day at the Animal Kingdom started again bright and early. We didn't care to make it there on time for the opening, we just aimed to be there for 0900. The first thing we did before even entering the gate was get some muffins and drinks at the snack bar outside the gate. it was a much needed breakfast since we left so early. I really loved Animal Kingdom, the wait times were minimal and we were able to do everything we wanted so easily.

I made some matching shirts for the adults for the day and I wasn't sure if hubby would be willing to wear his but he surprised me and said "yes". I love that man, the things I put him through and he just takes it all in with a smile.

Good morning Animal Kingdom, our crew :)
And I am loving this magic shot with the Christmas tree
Our first order of business was the Kilimanjaro Safari, I heard great things about it and wanted to make sure that we did that ride when the boys were alive and awake. The safari didn't disappoint. We saw so many animals up close and personal. the highlight of it all was hearing Tman and Jbird scream the names of the animals every time they recognized them.

My peeps on their way to the safari, these people were on a mission :)
Hello Jbird, don't worry you can join us in a bit
Tman was cheesing the whole trip
I love my family and the fact that the big boys are flashing such big happy smiles
Hubby's cousin and his wife
The animals were so close we felt like we could touch them
We really enjoyed the safari
After the Safari we went to the Kusafiri coffee shop to try their cupcakes. I heard about how delicious they were and I wanted to try them. I definitely loved the presentation :)
We then watched a show right outside the coffee shop before going anywhere else. I love that they always had people dancing and singing throughout the resort.
After the show, we had a fast pass to meet Mickey and Minnie. Check out Tman's smile when he saw them
Jbird was in love and so excited
Hugs and kisses for everyone
Awe, even Jbird was really into it
And of course our group shot with Mickey and Minnie Christmas style
Our next order of business was the "It's tough to be a bug" show. It's a must see if you go to Animal Kingdom, the boys loved it. I love these pics even though they are dark

Hubby flashing a smile for a picture, I will take that :)
Everyone loved the show and wanted to come back later for more
Tman did a lot of riding on his father's shoulder
Next up was Dinoland, my Bean fell asleep and Jbird was trying to wake him up
We found a ride that was just like Dumbo and Tman was in heaven
Then it was time for lunch outside with animals everywhere, please excuse hubby's fake smile face. That guy I tell you
After lunch we headed to the Lion King show. We figured we would give Jbird a chance to fall asleep and rest our legs. We had a fast pass but there really wasn't any wait.

My poor Jbird was ready to pass out
We really enjoyed the Lion King. By the end of it, Jbird was passed out. Great planning on our part
While Jbird took a nap, we went back to Triceratops and took so many rides on that thing we were worn out. Bean was done at this point and Tman's fake smile :).
We took a break, walked around then came back to meet Pluto and Goofy when Jbird woke up
My boys are really getting into this meeting the characters business :)
I am loving the big hugs for everyone
And of course a family picture :)
We bought the boys bubble guns to reward them for having such a great day and they were in love. They were making bubbles left and right. I just love Jbird's face on this picture, pure happiness
We took a few pictures with the tree of life of course
Love my little family
Then we went back to see "It's tough to be a bug". Tman requested it so we indulged

At this point, we were spent, we decided to go back to the hotel before any meltdowns. Check out the boys making bubbles on their way out

The bubbles were a huge hit
Lol, we played along for this awesome magic shot :)
After we got back to the hotel, we all took a glorious nap :). That night my mom watched all the kids so that the grown ups could enjoy a night out in the town.
We went to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and it was nice to have a normal conversation without the screaming kids
The next day, we went back to Disney Springs and hung out there with hubby's cousins. We had lunch at the rainforest cafe and Tman loved sitting at the bar on the animal chairs :)
When we were in the Disney store, Jbird saw a train set he loved and just picked it up. That kid is a riot I tell you
Before we knew it, we had to pack our bags and head home.
 Bye bye Disney World, you were really good to us. Until next time
We had an amazing time at Disney World. I was so happy to see how excited the big boys were with everything around them. Bean wasn't really into it but then again he is still a baby. We want to go back in a few years when all the boys can really enjoy this even more. Disney World was everything we wanted and more. So long Mickey Mouse, until we see you again.


  1. This is just so cool and you've given me hope that going there with kids is going to be a ton of fun! Definitely something to look forward to.

    Those cupcakes? LOVE the presentation too. Ummm...were they good?

  2. What a fantastic family trip. Tons of pictures to re-live those memories.