Monday, December 7, 2015

Disney World 2015 - Chilling

We had an amazing trip to Disney World a few weeks ago. Disney is expensive no matter how you slice or dice it but I think it was all worth the pain and suffering. We decided to go to Disney World during the off-season so that we could save a bit on hotel and flight cost and boy was that a good idea. We scored a great deal on our flights through Southwest and stayed at the B-resort on Disney property. We didn't love the B-resort because it wasn't really children friendly so we wouldn't really recommend it for family with little kids.

We bought our tickets online and also purchased the memory maker. We were able to take so many awesome pictures with Disney photographers all over the resorts the entire time that we were there. I highly recommend memory maker because you will get great family photos without having to compromise on quality.

We flew out on a Wednesday after work and didn't get into Orlando until very late that night. Everyone was tired but we were all excited for this fun adventure
The next day we met up with hubby's cousins, they are the reason we planned this trip in the first place. They live in England and were in town so we decided to meet up with them.
We enjoyed a nice breakfast with them before hitting the pool

Our plan was to do absolutely nothing productive with our lives on Thursday so that we could be ready for our adventure at the Magic Kingdom the next day. We chilled by the hotel pool for a few hours letting the boys run around before actually hitting the pool.

Then it was pool time and the boys were in heaven :)
We spent hours in the pool soaking in the sun and just entertaining the boys
Jbird started off by jumping in the pool a million times, all you could hear was "canon ball" followed by a splash
Even Bean really got into it

Check out both Jbird and Bean jumping here

These boys just loved the water and didn't want to get out
Tman my little swimmer was all independent and jumping around by himself then swimming to the stairs
Bean was cautious at first then he really got into it
I know, Tman is a show off at this point :)

Hubby and Bean enjoyed a nice nap by the pool while we were there
I know, my mommy is sexy ;)
A few hours later, Tman and Jbird passed out in the stroller on our way up from the pool still wearing their bathing suits. We clearly wore them out.
That night we decided to check out Disney Springs since it was a mere 10 min walk from our hotel. We took the whole family out for a walk
Well hello Disney Springs
Jbird was saying "cheese", that boy cracks me up, I am loving all the words coming out of his mouth right now
Jbird and hubby's cousin at the Lego store, he is the only one that was nice enough to pose when his brothers kept running away
We had dinner at T-Rex
The boys loved the dinosaur theme, even the chicken nuggets were in the shape of dinosaurs
We enjoyed a nice dinner with the crew, I absolutely loved vacationing with my peeps
It was a perfect ending to our chill day. We went back to the hotel and were all fast asleep within an hour. Our plan was to wake up super early so that we could be at the park right when it opened. We had a great ending to our first day and we thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine in November.


  1. You make going on vacation with family look so easy. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Have a wonderful season!

  2. Very cool! Traveling to Disney definitely is expensive but I think the memories you have make it worth it. I'm looking forward to one day going with my family. We're waiting until Jordan is older.