Friday, May 23, 2014

Weekend fun - Go Arsenal

The first week back at work kicked my a**. It was so hard you guys, I am wiped. It probably didn't help that we had a super busy weekend before. We were jam packed with 2 birthday parties and even more running around. Thank goodness we are chilling and relaxing this weekend.

On Saturday, it was the final of the FA cup (something to do with soccer) and hubby's favorite team of all times, Arsenal was in the final. Hubby got our Arsenal outfit ready the night before and instructed me to make sure that everyone was wearing their outfit to support the team. They say it's not superstition if it works and we sure proved that because Arsenal won, wooohooo.

Hubby and our latest addition all decked out before the game
 Hubby and all 3 boys. Tricky to take  a pic these days
I got a pedicure and made sure that I was sporting Arsenal's colors. PS, I am loving the number on the scale too. I am within a few pounds of my goal of 135 and it feels good, wooop woop
 And of course a family self portait. Our family of 5 representing for Arsenal
After that beautiful victory, it was time to head out to a birthday party. In keeping with the Arsenal colors, I dressed the boys in red shirts
Me and my boys at the birthday party

Me and my Jbird, Tman took this pic
The next day, we had another birthday party to attend. The boys had a ball. They had a train set for the boys to play with and other fun stuff. My boys zoomed in for the train set and spent hours playing with trains
My mom came along to help with Bean
There was a bounce house in the basement and my kids loved it. They were jumping around like crazy for hours

 Me and my Bean, chilling at the party
Me and my Jbird
And before we left we attempted a family pic
Man, we were running around like headless chickens this past weekend. No wonder I was so tired all week. We are back to our busy ways. I will have to schedule a day of rest for each crazy day that way we have time to recuperate. The first week at work was a great success. Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. MY fiance supports Arsenal so I can imagine the excitement your husband felt with the victory. Love the family portrait supporting Arsenal.

  2. OK. Give me that number on the scale!!! You look great and are doing so well! What is your secret?

    I love that you dress the boys in such coordinating outfits. You're an awesome mom in my book cause it takes time and dedication to shop for kids.

  3. Lol i agree with JJ about getting the number on your scale...i wish to be there someday soon!! looks like a fun weekend as usual and the boys in their soccer uniforms...adorable.

  4. Good job on the scale!!! I can only imagine how rough that transition is. Hopefully it gets a little easier as time goes on.

  5. You look amazing- you are killing it! I love the Arsenal jerseys. My brother's favorite too!

  6. Good job to your hubby on having everyone in matching jersey's, that is so cute!

    I'm nervous about going back to work with also lol! I'm now at ease watching you juggle it all and still getting things done, while looking great!

    Good Job on the scale! Those are the numbers any Mama wants to see!