Sunday, May 18, 2014

Last days as a stay at home mom

My maternity leave is coming to an end (insert sad face), after 3 glorious months at home with my boys, I have to rejoin the ranks of the workforce. I am excited and a little nervous at the same time. I have actually enjoyed every minute of this maternity leave. Having all 3 boys at home with me the whole time was exhausting but fun. I am going to miss spending every waking minute with my sweet boys

My little Bean is now 11 weeks and growing like a weed. Like his brother Jbird, he hates tummy time with a passion. I guess we'll have to make it a team sport and make his brothers entertain him. He is such a happy go lucky baby with a calm demeanor, we truly got lucky with him. Look who is smiling on demand now.
We've installed all 3 carseats in the minivan and I've spent the past two weeks going places with all 3 kids, what what. I love that we got a big enough car that makes getting them in and out of the car an easy task.
Tman took a picture of me after I took their picture. Look at Jbird watching his movie with the most serious face, he is so funny that kid
We went to the mall for some shopping and while we were there I let the boys get some play time, they were in heaven. After sitting in the stroller for a while it was a nice change for them to do something they wanted to do
Multi tasking at its finest, I was overseeing Tman and Jbird while feeding Bean :)
We had a play date at our house with a friend who has 2 daughters. Our kids are just a few months apart and they all had a blast playing together and watching cartoons
The boys hanging out before bed time. It was nice enough the past few weeks that I put them in pajama shorts
Bean and grandad hanging out, such a serious face my little Bean
Tman and Jbird hugging it out, these two are the best of friends I tell you
I had lunch with my girlfriends and we got to catch up on life. I love these girls
We also went to Ikea to buy some furniture to use as storage for the boys' toys. Tman was loving all the open space
I let both boys run up and down the aisle for a bit and they were in heaven. My boys just love to run around everywhere
While I was chasing them all over Ikea, Bean was taking a quick nap with grandma. Such a good baby my Bean
Speaking of a sleepy baby, how peaceful does Bean look over here? also check out his beautiful head of curly hair
One of the biggest thing I wanted to do while I was on maternity leave was decorate our house a bit. I discovered homegoods last year and I couldn't wait to have the time to go shopping and pick some stuff to spice up our space a bit. I bought some new pillows and lamps for the family and the living room and it completely changed those room (note my house is never this clean, ever)

We bought the furniture from Ikea to use in the playroom to put away toys. I really love the way they look and the fact that we now have somewhere to put all the toys in the playroom. I might get a few more of those for the other wall
We also got our landscaping done and I am loving the curb appeal

On mother's day Sunday, my cousin came over with her son who is Tman's age. The boys had a ball playing together all day. Check out Tman throwing and catching his goldfish, funny kid my son.
 Me and my cousin with Bean
When we were attempting to take a family pic, my nephew decided to join us. I was so psyched when I found this perfect outfit for the 3 boys. I am loving that we can start the matching way sooner this time around. Our family pic on mother's day,  I guess this is what our family would look like if we have 4 boys :)
Maternity leave was awesome. The past few weeks were even better, the weather was super nice and the boys really cooperated and made my life easy. We did a lot of fun things and got everything crossed off my list that I wanted to do before I returned to work. Full time work I am now ready for you (I think).


  1. I love love love this post. Love seeing all your smiling faces. The boys are getting so big! Look at you multi-tasking! You're doing a great job and even are able to smile while at it. Love it!

    Goodluck with being back at work. I am glad you were able to really enjoy being with the boys. Those times are absolutely THE BEST!

    Oh and the front of the house looks great!

  2. Love the sibling love i see all the time over here! Glad you were able to get LOTS done before going back to work. Keep us posted on how the transition is!!

  3. Busy bee mama! The living room and your curb appeal looks great!

    Your boys are so, so cute!

    Hope that your first few days back to work go great!

  4. You got alot done the those last few weeks #supermom. Your family takes the most adorable pics

  5. Well done you. The little guy is growing like a flash. He's so cute with his curls. Such a tender moment between big brothers, lovely hug :)

  6. Glad you enjoyed your maternity leave. I have a coworker who just came back last week after having her first. She cried and cried!! Hopefully its easier the 2nd time around.

  7. I love your house! Sorry to hear you are headed back to work, but it will probably be nice too. :)