Thursday, May 8, 2014

Playdate fun with Amy and J

Last week I got two hang out with two awesome mommy bloggers. The first time I met Amy and J in real life we just clicked. After reading their blogs for years and following along their journeys, it was so nice to see that they were even more awesome in person. I am so happy that these bloggy friends have become real life friends. Though we don't get to see each other often, I thoroughly enjoy our play dates.

We met at a kid friendly place, I mean with 5 kids between us there was no other way to make this work. Thanks to my awful planning, the place didn't open for an hour so we grabbed an early dinner before play time.

I brought my mom along, she is the perfect nanny plus she met both Amy and J and enjoyed hanging out with them so she was totally game
4 out of 5 kids posing at dinner
Once we got to the bouncy house place, the kids were in heaven particularly the bigger kids. Check out my Jbird looking so grown up, I so love this kid
 The boys jumping around like crazy
 Tman and Abby climbing everywhere
 My boys going down the slide, well Tman going down and hitting Jbird
 The little climbers, they did this over and over
 Tman and Jbird moved from one jump house to the other
 Tman's happy place I tell you, jumping for joy :)
 And going down the slide, any slide
 Abby and Tman were all about this one slide
 And they jumped around the jump house too. My Tman is hilarious, I so love this kid

 The big kids clearly had loads of fun jumping around and sliding everywhere
While the kids were having fun, my Bean just slept and chilled the whole time. Such a great baby, he knows that mommy needs her hands free to take care of his brothers. I so love this kid who is getting chunkier by the day
Me and my 3 boys, no one is looking but I love this pic
Before we left, we attempted to take a group pic of all the mommys and babies, it was chaotic as you can expect with 5 kids 3 and under. We were left with some awesome pictures though

Somehow we managed to get a pretty decent picture of our bunch, play date success
Tman fell asleep in the car and didn't wake up until the next day, we definitely wore him out. Jbird is a good sleeper anyway so we can't brag about him sleeping :). My mom chilling with the boys before bed time.
We had such a great time hanging out with Amy and J, we are so looking forward to the next play date. I was completely worn out after chasing the kids everywhere but it was so worth it to hang out with these two ladies. YAY for bloggy friends turned real life friends and for kids having fun with other kids :).


  1. We had such a great time with you guys! I can't wait to do another play date. Now that it is warmer out, we HAVE to make it happen more!

    See you soon!

  2. It was such a joy to hang out with you guys! I wish we lived closer so we can do it more often.