Saturday, February 22, 2014

Waiting for baby #3

I know he is coming at some point in life but this baby is really taking his time :). Our due date is tomorrow, and our not to exceed date is 10 days away, woop woop. I have been on maternity leave for a week now and I've been loving every minute of it. Not having to wake up in the morning and rush to drop off the kids, then work, then rush home has been awesome. I am so tired though, my body is aching everywhere, there is no comfortable sleeping position, and as much as I love pregnancy, I am ready to hold my son.

Our week has been great, the weather was awesome, the boys were very good, and having my in-laws here has been amazing. I managed to take the kids out a few of the days too so that was awesome. We did the indoor play area at Chic fil A, enjoyed some Panera bread, enjoyed a nice long nap everyday, and some fun time every night when daddy got home. Maternity leave has been good to us. We are all ready for you baby #3, feel free to come anytime :).

My boys chowing down on some chicken nuggets and french fries. Chic fil A is always a sure bet
It was a nice day so we even had ice cream for desert, Tman was in heaven
Jbird sharing my sundae, my baby wanted to eat all by himself, gosh when did he get so big
Me and my boys self portrait style :)
After lunch we went into the play area and I let the boys run around and go down the slides. They had the best nap after this. Even my Jbird enjoyed the playroom, there were a lot of big boys always rushing him down the slide because they didn't understand that he was just a baby learning to go down the slide. He still had a ball though
Baby loving, my Tman is always giving the belly kisses, he is the sweetest I tell you
We've also done lots of horsing around. Tman's favorite thing to do is always to ride on hubby's back and pretend he is riding a horse

Jbird can't ride just yet but he is always trying :)
My sweet baby boy, can't believe that in a few days he won't be the baby anymore
We took the boys to Panera for dinner one of the days, I love me some Panera. My Jbird being super clingy as he does. Baby #3 you have some tough competition. I was asked how I plan to deal with that and my only plan is to continue to give Jbird his love and affection. My hubby can handle the baby, he won't know any different for a while. I am sure this is just a phase that will pass eventually.
Me and my boys, I am loving Tman's smile in this pic, my little poser. I told you he is my little mini-me down to having the same smile and everything :)
It's been a great week of maternity leave, the weather was perfect for taking the boys out and I did just that. I am worn out though. I am so lucky that both my boys nap around the same time which means I got to nap everyday this week with them and it was great. I am ready for the next kind of exhaustion that comes with having a baby :). Maybe my next update will have some baby pictures, one can only hope :).


  1. Hope that baby comes ASAP!!! in the meantime enjoy this time off as best you can. Life without the work routine is soooooo good!

  2. Can't wait to see Baby #3. He sure is taking his time. Tman is so loving and adorable. Great pics with the boys.

  3. This is too cute! I can't get over how great you look!

    I think Jbird will likely always be clingy as the middle kid. At least for now (unless you have more). Middle kids tend to want more attention. And it is PERFECTLY OK! I am sure when he time comes, he'll be more independent when he needs to be so no fret.

    Praying that you will be sharing your awesome news soon.

    Take care!

  4. I came to see if he was here yet!! :) You look beautiful and I can't wait to hear the good news.

  5. I am hoping that as I write this you may already have that sweet baby in your arms!!! Your boys are seriously so cute. I am glad you got to have an extra week to get things together before the baby comes. :)

  6. The anticipation is killing me!! I am glad you got to enjoy some maternity leave with just your two boys though. Things are about to get crazy and I am sure it was nice to have the calm (of not rushing to work) before the storm.

    Oh and my son has the Papa loves me shirt too! I always make sure he wears it around my dad and it melts his heart every time!

  7. As I write this I hope baby is making his debut :). My sister in law is waiting for her baby too.

    I'm glad you are enjoying your days as family of four before you become 5.

  8. Oh wow the baby could be here as I write this too...hope you are enjoying every single second of it all! Can't wait to meet him!! You seriously have been glowing this entire pregnancy!!

  9. Any day now!!!
    Praying for you!

  10. baby # 3 is probably here RIGHT NOW!! i am excited for an update and wishing you had twitter!!

  11. I wish we could meet at Chick Fil A and have lunch with our kids one day! If only we lived closely!

  12. p.s.
    I know you follow me on Bloglovin', so I just wanted to update you that my url changed (and like a dummy), I forgot to post it BEFORE I moved my blog to a new URL- so when I sent out the update no one already following me could see it... ugh.

    So FYI, I'm now permanently at, and I have a link posted in the most recent post if you'd like to refollow through Bloglovin'. New layout and content is pending, but I wanted to be sure my friends actually see it (so embarrassing!)

    Thanks for your support and understanding with the hiccups in the change!