Wednesday, February 12, 2014

False Alarm

So we had a very eventful night Sunday night.

I have been having contractions a lot lately but then on Sunday night the contractions picked up significantly and then I started feeling some pain. We rushed to the hospital as you do. Plus knowing that Jbird was almost born in the car and I wasn't having that this time.

We got there, our contractions were 10 to 15 min apart with some pain. I was getting excited because though we were 2 weeks away from our due date, babies sometimes come early. I wasn't even ready, I mean I still had a week of work left, we have nothing ready for this rugrat because I thought I would do that this coming weekend.

Well, 3 hours later we were sent home because we made no progress. What a bummer. So no baby for us on 10 February but as I sit here having multiple contractions still, I know we are getting really close to the end and I can't help but get excited. I can't believe that we are days away from welcoming our 3rd child. Wowzer

This goes to show that even a seasoned mom doesn't know when the baby will come :). The Dr told me that I was pretty much a ticking time bomb at this point. It could happen today or it could happen in a week.

Check out this 38 week belly. Since I am having a Winter baby, I figured I should probably take a snow belly picture when I have the chance :)

And since I took some awesome pics of my mom and the grand kids this weekend, I might as well share. Now that my niece is big enough, we are back to having my mom and grandma with us every Sunday. They just bring my niece along for the ride.

How cute is this little girl getting. I think she looks so much like my mom I swear
Then my mom attempted to get a pic with all her grandchildren, it was complete chaos

Yeah, we didn't get a pic of any of the kids looking at the camera, I love it. I can't wait to add baby boy #3 to this crazy family.


  1. Wishing you a safe delivery. Can't wait to see baby #3

  2. Praying you have a safe & easy delivery!! So exciting!!

  3. This baby is ready!! I love the winter belly shots!! :) Yay for an aquarian baby! Happy and Healthy delivery (maybe soon? :))

  4. Wow! A safe delivery is what we all praying for.

  5. Awww... that is soooo sweet. I saw your pic on another blog and just wanted to stop by and say hi. You and your husband are like me and my husband. By the way, I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's day.

  6. So, so soon! Can't wait for the news!

    And you're right ... she looks so much like your mom!

  7. Oh wow...I love babies that come to arrive on their own terms...enjoy the last few days!! Love the snow pictures!! So cute!

  8. Oh man, the false alarms sound kinda scary to me- you never know, huh!? I absolutely love the snow photos though- so gorgeous!