Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hair update - February

I am currently loving my hair and I am pretty sure I've said that a lot lately. After my last post partum crazy shedding I was so looking forward to my hair growing again and it did. It took less time this time around to get back to hair that I love. I am hoping that my next post partum shedding is much kinder to me.

I just got my hair relaxed last week in preparation for the baby and I am in love. I also finally gave in and cut over an inch to finally even up my ends and I am must say that was a good decision. My hair is long and actually feels long and I love the overall thickness and the evenness of my ends.

I am officially BSL with full thick ends, woop woop. PS - that is a 39 week pregnant waist, what up
I can't believe that a year before I started this hair journey my hair was neck length and thin. It took losing even more hair to get me motivated and I am so glad I did. Here I was 38 weeks pregnant with my first boy in July 2010 with short hair. We've sure come a long way.
Also my edges have completely grown in too and are back to being full and healthy again

Well, I am going to enjoy this hair until post partum shedding shows her ugly face. The silver lining is that at least I know it will all grow back so though I might lose my mind when it happens again, I will revel in the fact that we'll be back here again.


  1. It looks amazing! It is amazing how the hair responds when you're taking care of it! Such a difference in the appearance of your hair, love it!

  2. The progress you have made on your hair journey is INCREDIBLE!!!!! I am really going through it with my hair right now and would appreciate it if you could share lots of specifics with what you're doing. Summer 2012, my hair was quite long and thick and was maybe an inch shorter than your hair is now. Fast forward to today and it is broken, uneven and short. Thinking about the regression my hair took almost brings tears to my eyes. I typically wear weaves and braids, and usually they are good for my hair, but often times after the take down and relaxer, a lot of hair is lost. I am back on 10,000 mcg/day of biotin and using JBCO because I am so determined to get my hair back. Right now I am relaxed & free (no weave/braids). I can't even wear it down any more because it is so uneven and broken. :(

    Any advice, styling & moisturizing tips you could offer would be much appreciated!!

    You are looking amazing! I hope you are feeling fine too! Wishing you all the best with your delivery and care of new baby! :)

  3. First thing I noticed was the crazy-tiny waistline (at 39 wks, no less LOL)! Your hair looks fab, and all I can say is pregnancy hormones are treating your tresses well :) Even when you're going through the postpartum period, the good habits you currently have will help get your hair back on track again.

  4. Looking good! You're hair progress is wonderful!! And you are clearly all belly 'cause you do not look pregnant from the back at all!!

  5. Girl!!! I am officially JEALOUS!!! I saw that pic of your back and I was like "oh, must be an old picture." Then I read your comment and was like "WTH? She is 9-months pregnant and looks like that from behind?" Girl, you look GREAT!!!
    Your hair looks fabulous of course. I am on the fences on whether or not to go natural :-(. I am afraid of going bald when I get older. Seeing my hairdresser this weekend to decide.

  6. Your hair is looking beautiful!!! I am always a fan of clipping off old dead uneven ends rather then trying to hang onto length. I love that freshly cut choppy feeling.

  7. Simply Gorgeous! MBL here you come. Great shine too!

  8. Beautiful weight line at 39 week, mama. Your hair fab!

  9. Your hair looks fantastic! Also, from behind you CANNOT tell you're even pregnant. How is that possible!?