Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Weekend fun - Friends Thanksgiving

Every year my friends and I host a Thanksgiving and a Christmas celebration. We usually make it happen the weekend following the main events so that it doesn't coincide with any family events.

This past weekend we had our Thanksgiving celebration and it was a great success. It was definitely a good times with great friends kind of event. I love that we make an attempt to all get together during the holiday season despite hectic schedules.

Not everyone could make it but there's always the Christmas celebration coming in a few weeks :). My friend HJ drove up from VA Beach so that she could be part of the festivities and she brought her new boyfriend so that he can meet everyone in the group. He definitely passed the test ;).

Jbird and his grandma, these two are slowly getting to know each other and getting along nicely
Me and my girls with Jbird, just a few weeks ago we were chilling in VA Beach sans Jbird of course
We decided that we should probably take advantage of the tree for our photo op
The food was so yummy. Everyone made a dish and it was tasty

Me and my BFF L and our youngest babies who are just 3 weeks apart. The story is that she needs to hurry up and get pregnant with baby #3 because both our kiddos are only a few months and a few weeks apart. We need to keep our tradition of having kids at the same time going :).
 It's time to eat, let's all dig in

When Jbird wasn't attached to my hip, he was attached to my hubby's hip :). Such a baby this little guy
Tman and his best bud E slowly becoming BFFs like their mothers
My mom made it on time to enjoy the food. She always makes an effort to come to our yearly get together so that she can catch up with the girls.
Tman and my hubby, this kid did not want to be part of any of our picture taking I tell you
Our attempt at a group picture before we all scarfed our faces down with the yummy food
I love these friends like family and I am so happy that we get to do these events as a family every year. It's so nice to see how much we've grown since we started this tradition more than a decade ago. Hope you all had a great weekend too.


  1. You've got some great friends!! What a fun time.

  2. What a fun celebration and a great way to get family and friends together. Love it!
    I like that you are smiling in all the pics. So you and so nice to see!

    Happy Holidays!

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    keep up the good work.


  4. Looks like such a great time! I love how happy you look! And the food, get in my belly!