Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend fun - Go Redskins

We had such a great weekend. A perfect mix of activity and chilling. We are really trying to keep up with getting some rest on the weekend now because we had a very busy Summer.

On Saturday we took the boys to their first ever Redskins game at the stadium. My hubby found some pretty affordable ticket and since it was a pre-season game, we knew it wouldn't be too crazy. We weren't sure if the boys would really last or enjoy themselves but they did so well. We managed to watch 3 quarters and half of the last quarter. Not too bad if you ask me. In good fashion, we got the boys matching team shirts :).

My boys all geared up for the game. Tyler was not feeling this pic
Me and my babies, let's go to the game boys.
We picked up my brothers and to the game we went. I just love how everyone was sporting their team shirts. Check them out walking down the street on our way to the game.

 All of us in front of the stadium, go Redskins

We had awesome seats, I mean look at our view. I am loving these pre-season games. We might have to do this every year. The weather is perfect and the stadium is not crowded.
 My brothers chilling at the game
 My brother and hubby
Me and my big boy, he actually wanted to take a pic with me
 We managed to get a family picture before we left
Go Redskins, we are going to rock this year
Our game day adventure was such a great success, the boys did so well. We weren't sure if they were going to last but somehow they did. We made it to 3 quarters and half of the 4th quarter. As soon as we got home, the kids passed out.

We spent Sunday chilling and relaxing. My Tman also got a haircut because his hair was getting out of control and he wouldn't let me comb it anymore. I couldn't get over how grown up he looked :(. When did my baby get so big? Love this sweet face.


  1. the matching shirts!! i need to get my family some... only we need to agree on a team first. loving the family outfits, always a fan! that's awesome the boys made it almost the entire game, i bet next time you guys will be able to stay to the end.

    tman is just too cute with his buzzed hair and sweet smile :)

  2. I love that you guys all have matching jerseys -- so adorable! Pegster, you are always on the go! I hope you were able to relax this weekend.

  3. Love you all in your team jerseys. Too cute!
    Look at t-man. He looks great!

  4. Love you all in your team jerseys. Too cute!
    Look at t-man. He looks great!

  5. Growing up so fast! How fun to get to go to a cool game like that! Looks like a wonderful family outing!

  6. Perfect outing! I would love to do something like this with kiddos in the future :)

    Love the matching jerseys!

    Your boys are soooo cute!

  7. How cute are you guys though :)! And oh my word, tman has grown so much its almost crazy!