Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Jbird 1st birthday party

We celebrated my Jbird's first birthday this past weekend and it was a great success. We invited a bunch of family and friends over and we showered our little boy with lots of love and attention. He was so happy the whole day. I thought he might have been overwhelmed but I am glad the just enjoyed the day with everyone. I ordered some cute shirts for the boys to wear on the day. I loved how they turned out.

Here is the birthday boy with his shirt. He was 24lbs at his 1 year appointment, such a big boy with the biggest smiles
And my Tman that I caught smiling :)
I tried to get both of them in a picture but these days it's almost impossible to get them to look at the camera
Because we had a lot of kids between the age of 3 and 9, we decided to get a bouncy house to keep them occupied. Let me tell you, it was the best idea ever. The kids spent the entire afternoon in this thing. Even Jbird loved it. We put it in the front yard and voila.

Here is a picture of the bouncy house before the party started. Tman just wanted to spend the whole day in this thing.
I used the same theme that I used for Tman's birthday (I am such a lazy parent). I just ordered the decorations online and added a few touches here or there. It was a prince theme and I totally personalized everything with one of my favorite photos of my little man
The invitation
The cake that we personalized with a pic of the invitation
The birthday banner with the food table, personalized banners are my favorite
I also had one of those 1st year picture collage and a birthday scroll that we are going to save for later
The favors
I forgot to take a family pic before the party started, big mistake (and I know better). So I ended up with this gem :)
My family was there to celebrate our sweet boy, we are so lucky that they live so close and we get to enjoy them daily

My mom and the birthday boy
My grandma and the birthday boy
My brothers and the birthday boy

We played in the bounce house for a bit

Then it was time for the cake. Tman was front and center wanting to help his brother with everything cake related. I am thinking that my idea of having joint birthday parties for these boys from now on is actually going to work out really well.
Jbird smooched the cake everywhere, he had so much fun with that :)
We went back on the trampoline and I had so much fun jumping around with my little boy
Me and my birthday boy
After the party died down and most people were gone, I attempted to get another family pic with the boys. They were so not interested
We had so much fun celebrating our little Jbird. Such a great year it's been. Now onto plan the next joint birthday party when the boys will be 4 and 2. Wow, crazy. My boys are growing and I couldn't be happier.


  1. Looks like such a great party!

    I love that you live so close to your family! Makes me smile!

    Happy birthday J-Bird! Looks like he enjoyed the cake :)

    1. Thanks Faith, he had a ball and definitely enjoyed the cake

  2. What an awesome birthday party! Looks like it was a blast! The look on JBird's face says it all. He had a blast.
    By the way, you look great. Love your hair!

    1. Thanks J, I put the extra touch on the hair for the party :)

  3. This pictures brightened my day. You and your family are absolutely beautiful.

    1. Thanks Mrs. Glam, that's really sweet of you

  4. Aww look at all those smiles!!! I think bouncy houses are the best idea ever. Looks like such a fun time.

    1. The kids were in heaven, the bouncy house was definitely a winner

  5. awww....i love this cute! and i love that sign....and the bouncy fun! so sad we missed out...definitely next year we will be there!

  6. What a cute birthday!! It's so funny.. Ian 1st birthday theme is a "Royal Birthday" also sooo if you want to send me forward the links to your decorations they would be appreciated ....jk..... kind of. LOL'

    Jbird looks so happy! It's so cute seeing him and Tman play together.

    Happy, Happy Birthday Jbird!

  7. Happy birthday j bird!! I am all for rescuing things you love so the price bday theme was a great idea, everything looked great and I loved the cake it turned out really well! Bouncy house, will have to remember this for my future birthday planning days!

    1. I also meant to say it seems like no child wants to look at a camera when a pictures being taken!! The only thing tht works for us is to have someone standing behind the camera talking to Tavi!

  8. Happy belated birthday JBird. You know, it feels like just the other day you announced his birth on your blog. And in no time he's going to be a big brother...bless! You did a great job, looks like he thoroughly enjoyed his day.