Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend fun - A trip to Philly

This weekend was so relaxing yet fun. We took a road trip to visit my BFF Melissa in Philly. We go every year in June to help her celebrate her birthday in style :). The plan was to go to Philly, hang out there for a bit then drive to Melissa's parents who live in NJ a mere 20 minutes away to spend the rest of the weekend.

We hit the road super early on Saturday. Check out my little man on his kindl on the backseat. Kids and technology I tell you, only way we keep them entertained on road trips
Knowing how much my boys love water, Melissa took us to sister cities park, an awesome park in the middle of the city with water everywhere.
Tman was in heaven at this place. From the moment we got there until we left, it was pure enjoyment for my little man. He didn't want to leave, surprise surprise.
 I hung out with Jbird most of the time and he was totally loving the water too
 Of course I had to pose my matching boys for a pic, love my boys
The boys played together for a bit splashing away everywhere
Then Tman wanted to go explore the nearby area so my hubby followed him around. I love seeing my baby so grown up exploring things around him. So proud of my boy
We then moved to the splash area where we found the coolest thing. There were names of various cities from around the world and how far they are from Philly. Well low and behold one of the cities was none other than Douala, Cameroon. Huh, really. I am from Cameroon and I lived in Douala. How cool and completely random is that?

Of course I had to take a pic with that :). Somebody had to represent
Tman thoroughly enjoyed this splash park, it was non-stop entertainment. He didn't want to leave

 I mean, is this a happy kid or what?
 My Tman's feet all shriveled up after almost 2 hours playing in the water
We chilled in the park for a bit having a mini-picnic before heading to Jersey
 Melissa and the boys
Our outing to sister cities park was a great success. If you are ever in Philly and want to entertain your children or just have a picnic, definitely check this park out. We were so tired after a long day of fun that we just chilled the entire night.

Our crew chilling on the couch after a long day of fun in the sun
The next day was just spent relaxing. We did nothing all day and it felt good. We really needed all the relaxing time that we could get.

Check out my boys chilling in the backyard
 Me and my Tman smiling at the camera
How cute are my hubby and Jbir napping together, My two favorite pics of the trip
 While they napped, Tman kicked the ball around in the backyard
 Then got on the lawn mower with melissa's dad.
My booboo was loving it
Before we knew it, we had to hit the road and go home. What a great weekend we had. It was so nice to visit Melissa and her family. Next up is our trip to Canada in 2 days, eeek, I am so excited. I am so happy that my kids are such good travelers. Hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. Your weekend posts name me want to go on vacation asap. You're having so much fun. Way to go! Have a safe and fun trip to Canada.

    1. Thanks J, it's tiring but you know we wouldn't have it any other way

  2. Glad your kids are good road trip partners! Road trips are so fun. We never quite getting around to doing one because they can take a little bit more time but I want to.

  3. awww...looks like a great weekend..i love road much fun. you may have just given me an idea for a long weekend!!

    1. Do it Mrs Pancakes, you won't regret it

  4. Do you live in the Washington, DC area?

  5. So, so fun! T-Man is the happiest!

    It's awesome that they do so well on roast trips.

    You're going to have the best time in Canada!

    1. Tman loves water Faith, it's so funny to watch him and see how excited he gets. We definitely got lucky in the easy kids department

  6. oooo Canada, that's my neck of the woods! looks like the splash pad was a hit, kids love the water! I went with a splash pad this weekend too, with my niece and nephew, they loved it just as much as your little guys did!

    1. The splash pad is definitely always a sure bet with little ones.

  7. This looks fantastic, Philadelphia is really one of my favorite places in the world!