Monday, July 8, 2013

Travel - Tman goes to Cancun, Mexico

We are back from Canada where we had an awesome time as we do. While I sort through the pictures I leave you with pictures from our first trip to Cancun.

Our first anniversary was spent with our 4-day old newborn, needless to say that we didn't get to do anything at all. We decided to go big or go home for our second anniversary and booked a week long trip to Cancun.

I was a first time mom and my baby was turning 1 the day before we planned to leave for the trip and I just did not have the heart to leave him behind so we took him with us on our trip (first time mom problem right here). I was worried about how he would do on the trip but he did amazing and we had a great time.

We brought baby food with us just in case but Tman ended up eating food on the resort no problem (we stayed away from uncooked food and he did good). He was still nursing so we didn't worry much about the milk. It was relaxing and fun trip and I was so happy that we brought the baby with us, it made the trip that much better.

We stayed at a beautiful all inclusive resort that we absolutely loved

Most of our days were pretty similar. We would always go to the beach early in the morning before the sun was out and super hot. It was pretty easy to do with a baby that woke up at 6ish everyday anyway. The beach was also pretty empty which was awesome. The water was so blue and beautiful
 Tman touching the ocean water for the first time
 My boys lounging :)
Tman walking on sand for the first time
After hanging around the beach in the morning, we would go to breakfast then it was nap time with our little man. This baby was still napping twice a day. After nap time it was lunch time. Tman was usually pretty sleepy and tired so we would just put him in the stroller and go to lunch that way we were both free to enjoy our lunch
 My favorite thing to do was getting daiquiris because they matched my nails :)
 My hubby had his fake super happy smile on the whole time :)
After lunch we would usually walk around the resort or just lounge around listening to music. Me and my boy chilling, I just love this pic (probably because it's a candid shot and I almost never get these because I am always on the ready with a smile :))
Tman and hubby chilaxing in the hotel room
This picture pretty much sums up all of our afternoons, Tman napping in the stroller while we drank the fruitiest and most colorful drinks. The stroller's cup holders were super useful :)
One of the days we actually ventured off the resort to check out the town. One of the times we ended up at the mall and Tman started chasing the cutest little Mexican girl so we had to say hello. I just love that my hubby captured this pic. My boy started chasing girls early :)
Me and my little Kangooroo
Before we headed to dinner, we usually fed Tman and got him ready for dinner then we took a walk around the resort to get him to fall asleep. My sleepy boy before dinner
Once he was asleep we could then go to dinner and actually enjoy ourselves. It was grand, our plans worked so well the entire week

After dinner we would go for a walk and enjoy the beautiful night scenery before hitting the bed completely exhausted. I know, it's hard work doing nothing all day. Me and my matching drink ;)
On the day of our anniversary, my hubby booked us this awesome dinner for two on the pier, it was awesome. We didn't want to leave the baby so we took him with us. He was awake for the first 30 minutes then he passed out in the stroller
Romantic dinner for two with a baby sleeping in the stroller (check)
The hotel had a deal where you could get a professional photographer to follow you around for half an hour and you would only pay for the pictures that you liked (pretty common in Cancun actually). You know me, I couldn't pass that up. We ended up with some amazing family pictures. I am totally doing this on all of our trips to the Caribbean :).

Our trip to Cancun was amazing. We celebrated our 2nd anniversary in style. I will surely miss the kids on our anniversary trip to Jamaica this year but it will be nice to celebrate without worrying about our two favorite boys (second time mom with no guilt right here). I have enjoyed this trip down memory lane, I cannot believe how little my Tman was in all the pics.


  1. Oh my...that is just so cool! Love that you guys still enjoyed yourselves even with baby. No doubt your next one will be even more fun!

  2. awww...these are too adorable and the last picture is just breathtaking...i hope you have an awesome trip!!

  3. AWWWWWWWW!!!! The photographer did good..really good! Looks like such an amazing trip.

  4. Omg! Love this! I loved Cancun too. The photographers were everywhere which was awesome.

    The photographer did such a great job. Those pictures are amazing!

    I love that the two of you had a plan with baby in tow. You guys are professional travelers :)

    1. We try Faith, we try. We vouched not to let having kids stop us, it's harder but definitely doable

  5. I really enjoyed this post :) you're right Tman is super little in these pictures! I liked how you had strategies on how to vacation with a baby, I'll be returning to this post in the future! and the drinks that match your nails!!!

  6. This was inspiring to me! Wow.. Tman looked like a breeze hehe. Glad you're planning a trip alone though to Jamaica... you're going to LOVE it there!!

  7. Wow those photos by the photographer are gorgeous! And that water! It is all so lovely. You are so brave to take a little one, but it looks like it turned out to be amazing. :)

  8. I love the photos the photographers took of you. Totally a good deal. I will have to try it out next time I am in the Caribbean!

  9. oh my gosh!! the resort is beautiful. What an amazing time!! He did pretty good in the sand for the first time. My nephew cried and cried and wouldn't let us put him down! Doing and all inclusive resort in MX is definitely on my list of vacations I want to do.

    1. Cece, I love the all inclusive so much that I pretty much want to do one every year. They are amazing.

      Tman was definitely a pro with the sand

  10. Thank you so much for your sweet comments. We love the beach and Mexico is affordable and beautiful, definitely worth checking out.